How Your Phone Can Help You to Stay Healthy


Is the phone in your hands most of the time? For most people, the answer is YES. Totally understandable! Smartphones have changed the way we live in more ways than one. We can easily stay in touch with friends and relatives regardless of where they are. Shopping is also easier today. With just a few taps on the screen, we can buy whatever we need, get food delivered to the doorstep, check weather forecasts, share photos, and so many other things. The phone isn’t just for fun and entertainment; it can also help us stay healthy. Read on to see how your phone can improve your health.

Fitness tracking

A sedentary lifestyle is a common day, but it’s harmful in more ways than one. Lack of physical activity leads to weight gain and increases the risk of multiple health problems including cardiovascular diseases. Most smartphones today come with health and fitness apps where you can track the number of steps you make, the calories you burn, among other things. Plus, app stores have tons of fitness apps we can download. Those apps feature different exercises depending on your preferences. Whether built-in or downloaded, fitness apps help us increase physical activity levels. With increased physical activity comes better health.

Easy info access

Knowledge is power in every aspect of life, including health. The more you know, the easier it gets to improve your health and wellbeing. Easy internet access allows us to get informed about anything and everything we want to know. Even if you’re looking to read more about things such as Nexxus aloe rid shampoo, a simple search online will yield tons of results. It takes just a few seconds to get access to health-related information and learn to manage or prevent various health conditions. Information we read enables us to make lifestyle modifications for better health. Of course, not every website is accurate so make sure you read articles on reputable sites or download reliable apps.

Heart rate monitors

Some phones come with their own health apps that allow users to measure their heart rate. This feature is of particular importance if we bear in mind millions of people have heart disease or their risk of developing cardiovascular problems is high. Phones allow you to check heart rate and modify your lifestyle to ensure it’s in the healthy range at all times. As a result, you can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Keep in mind that not all apps give accurate measurements, but you can use the most reliable ones.

Adopting healthy habits

Probably the biggest impact of phones on our health is its potential to help us create healthy habits. Let’s take water intake as an example. Most people don’t drink enough water during the day. Most of us wait to feel thirsty in order to drink a few sips of water. By that time the body already starts manifesting some subtle signs of dehydration. Sometimes we even forget to drink water although we promise to ourselves it’s time to adopt this important and healthy habit. The phone allows you to set up a reminder to drink water. Nowadays, apps for this also exist. They allow users to track their water intake and also remind them to drink a glass of water throughout the day. Fitness apps remind you to exercise. Nutrition-based apps help you make healthier diet habits. For most people, especially the younger generation, apps make healthy lifestyle adjustments fun. They are more likely to adopt healthy lifestyle habits that way.

Mental health support

Mental health is equally important as physical wellbeing, but we often take it for granted. Stress, anxiety, depression are manageable and the phone can help you make it happen. A wide range of apps allows users to log their moods. This makes it easy to keep track of how you feel and notice patterns that indicate stress, anxiety, and other problems. That way, you can be proactive about mental health. Also, apps can help you practice calmness, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and other practices that exhibit a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Bear in mind that the phone gives you easy access to a variety of content. Make sure to unfollow everything that induces negative emotions.

Bottom line

Phones used to have limited options, but the story is different now. The evolution of technology and the internet broadened the capabilities of our phones. Today, phones can have a meaningful impact on the quality of life. They can improve your health in many ways. You just have to use your phone wisely. Limit or avoid exposure to content that induces negative feelings. Instead, use apps and follow profiles that have a positive impact on both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Adopting healthier lifestyle habits can be easy and fun when your phone accompanies you through this endeavor.


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