Idle Coffee Corp Game


Are you searching for the latest Idle Coffee Corp game? Or want to get some information about the game? The solution for all the questions related to the Idle Coffee Corp game is here in this article. We have given a detailed guide to the game.

You will learn about the features of the game. Including the features, you will also learn some amazing tips and strategies for the game that will help you to boost up the profits and earn more money in the game. So, if you want to perform better in the game, then read the article completely.

Idle Coffee Corp

Idle Coffee Corp is a strategy and simulation game where a player has to make strategies to expand his coffee business. The game is very interesting as it includes several concepts. You can hire managers for your stations and get epic Baristas to increase your profits.

Idle Coffee Corp Game
Idle Coffee Corp Game

You will earn cash by selling coffees. The cash can be used to upgrade stations, coffees quality, managers and Baristas. The profit level will depend on your strategy of how you manage your coffee stations.

Game Features

  • You can increase your idle cash by automating your workflow.
  • You will not stop getting the idle cash even when you are not playing the game.
  • Boost up and increase your economy by making smart investments.
  • You can also hire managers to motivate the workers. And this will help you to increase your profit. If you want to have unlimited supplies of money, then you can download Idle Coffee Corp Mod.
  • Prestige Feature will help you earn bonuses and golden beans.
  • Manage your coffee shops and spread your business worldwide.
  • You can play it without an Internet Connection.

Tips & Strategies for the Game

  1. Select the right coffee for your Station.
  2. Do not forget to get cards.
  3. Don’t forget to claim free gold.
  4. Double up the reward by watching videos.
  5. Use a turbo boost.
  6. Keep upgrading your stations, manager, baristas.
  7. Unlock new Coffee Types.
  8. Keep researching.

Contents of Idle Coffee Corp Game

1. Gameplay

As you know the Idle Coffee Corp is a Strategy and Simulation game. Players will have to manage their coffee shops and expand their business worldwide. Players can sell different types of coffee in their coffee shop and make money. The money that you will earn by selling coffees, can be used to upgrade and improve the quality of your coffees. This will help you to earn more money by selling coffees. You can also use the money to upgrade the managers, and counters to make your business more profitable. The game has easy controls and the mechanics are easy to understand.

The game includes three different types of virtual currency that are Gold, Cash, and Golden beans. Gold can be used to get cards, cash can be used to upgrade different things, unlocking coffees, research, etc. And the golden beans will help you to get premium Baristas. A player can earn gold by unlocking the achievements. They can earn cash by selling their coffees, as they will sell coffees to their customers, they will earn cash. And when it comes to the golden beans, then they can be earned from Prestige.

2. Stations

The station is the place where your coffee will be sold. Baristas will serve the coffee to the customer and then you will get cash for it. You can change coffees according to the taste of the customers who are visiting your coffee shop.

You can also upgrade the stations. All you need to have cash and then spend your cash to upgrade the Station. And this will increase the cost of your coffee and you will earn more money by selling your coffee.

3. Baristas

In simple words, you can say the Baristas are the servers of your coffee shop. When you will start the game, you will get a common baristas default for your coffee shop. Common Baristas do not have any special abilities.

The game also includes the premium or Epic Baristas. These premium Baristas have special abilities like Hand Double Shot. When they will sell instant coffee then the X3 revenue will be generated. This will be more profitable for you. You can get premium Baristas with golden beans.

4. Manager

You can hire Managers for your Coffee shops. These managers will collect money from the stations. They will also motivate the workers of the station.

The managers can be upgraded also. The will become more capable, and the load time and the walk time will also increase. And this will help you to earn better with your coffee shop.

5. Prestige

This is the latest feature that can be seen in the latest version of the game. This feature will be unlocked when a player will reach and complete certain requirements for the feature.


This feature will help the player to get the golden beans. And then the golden beans can be used to unlock the premium Baristas. And even you can upgrade them too.

6. Cards

The game also includes cards feature in the game. These cards will help a player to get more money and even they can provide you a special discount on upgrades also.

You can get these cards by following the instructions given below.

  • Tap on the Cards button from the top-left corner.
  • After that, you have to go to the boxes tab.
  • Then you can see different boxes there.

Final Verdict

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