About esports. Key Disciplines and Tournaments


Esports become very popular and develops, a number of gaming disciplines, an audience and a sum of grabs grow. Modern players have a big variety of games, in which they can start an amateur career and then a professional career as a sportsman. Tournaments are hosted in shooters, sports games, card games, fightings, and even strategic projects. If desired, you can choose the best option to train hard and achieve success in your favorite and interesting universe.


The game is popular and recognizable all over the world, hundreds of teams of different levels are created and tournaments of a few classes are hosted. There is a competitive mode inside the game for new players and various online leagues where you can find teammates to create your team. Talented players with an understanding of tactical aspects and good shooting skills will be able to find an amateur team quickly to move to the semi-professional level. You can make a statement about your team with the help of small tournaments and be noticed by bigger teams.

Key Disciplines and Tournaments
Key Disciplines and Tournaments

Really big and famous teams fight at main tournaments in the Major series and StarLadder, ESEA, ESL, and other events with a solid prize pool. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are up for grabs at the most important competitions but initial-level esports will have a good reward too.

Dota 2

Competitive matches are even more developed in this game but it will be difficult for newcomers to make it to the best teams. An in-game rating and statistics are some kind of skill measurement, the outcome of which you can rely on while choosing players for a team play. You can test your skill in initial leagues and tournaments where amateurs play. A prize in the form of a small prize pool or cosmetic items is up for grabs there.

The most memorable event is the yearly The International, the overall sum of the prize pool of which amounted to 32 million dollars in 2019. Such a large competition attracts an enormous audience both at a venue and on various broadcasts.

Fortnite, PUBG, and other Battle Royale projects

Team or solo competitions can be hosted in such games, so even a single player can show all his talents and hold a prize place. The number of tournaments and prizes is lower than in leading projects but a talented and progressing player will always find an opportunity to take part in championships. Developers are actively supporting the esports segment, sponsoring a row of tournaments.

Strategic and card games

Fans of these genres will also find their place in esports. Prizes are lower there but you don’t need to divide a prize among a team and the success depends only on one player’s actions. Battles in the StarCraft, Hearthstone universe and similar projects are still actual.

The rest of the games

We can’t forget about sports simulators and many other games in the above-mentioned genres, LoL, Overwatch, and Paladins events are highly popular. It’s enough to try a few available options, to test your skills and predisposition to a certain genre. A persistent, talented and permanently-training gamer will achieve success in any discipline.

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