Lightsaber Combat

When you’re a big fan of any cinematic universe, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the universe and becoming part of the action. Star Wars fans can become one with the films by reenacting combat with their own Star Wars lightsaber.

There are seven different types of lightsaber combat for Jedi to learn. Learn more about each type here, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Jedi Master.

Form I: Shii-Cho

This is basic, beginner’s combat that young Jedi learn. It focuses on attacking basics and disarming opponents. This was also one of the first combat forms developed as Jedi began using lightsabers instead of swords.

Form II: Makashi

Lightsaber Combat
Lightsaber Combat

This form is designed for the direct lightsaber to lightsaber combat, and powerful and accurate techniques make it an effective form of combat. This form relies much more on skill than strength but is not very efficient if battling more than one opponent.

Form III: Soresu

This is a highly defensive form of combat, where the Jedi keeps the lightsaber very close to the body for protection. It works very well against blaster bolts. It is also a great way to learn more about your opponent and their techniques while conserving your energy before you take a more offensive form.

Form IV: Ataru

Only very skilled and experienced Jedi can master this form without giving in to aggression and anger. It involves advanced acrobatic movements and intense concentration. A Jedi must heavily rely on the force to master Ataru.

Form V: Djem So

Djem So is an offensive form that is very powerful, but predictable. Jedi who uses this form should be sure they have the power and strength to defeat their opponent. If executed correctly, a Jedi using this form will win a duel very quickly.

Form VI: Niman

This form could be thought of as the SparkNotes version of lightsaber combat. It combines elements of forms I-V. Although a Jedi may not have extensive practice in all five forms, the benefit is to be able to use multiple techniques to defeat the enemy.

Form VII: Juyo

This is the most advanced form, and it requires Jedi to channel their emotions. It draws upon various elements from other forms and is very unpredictable to an opponent.

It takes many years to become one with the force and truly become a Jedi Master, but understanding the Star Wars lightsaber combat techniques is a great first step.

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