What are Modded Gaming Controllers?

The Rise of the Video Game Market through the Years

If you’re considering a modded controller to upgrade your gaming experience a bit, then you’re right where you need to be at this moment. Hopefully, this article will help set you on the correct path. Choosing a device that’ll help turn your gaming experience around is not as easy as most people tend to think it is.

It usually requires thorough market research of what’s available to you in general. However, don’t fret too much because this is exactly why we’re giving you this content. We don’t want you to be confused. Anyway, before we begin, let’s take a brief look at what these devices really are

What’s A Modded Controller

This “modded controller” term came into existence about ten or so years ago when only a handful of companies were making their first attempts at modifying both the PS3 and Xbox gaming controllers. Then, the main objective was to provide gamers with something they really needed, something that would help improve gameplay results as well as enhance their overall gaming experience altogether. The first and most basic alteration was what is known as the Rapid Fire feature. This mod garnered positive reviews instantly which in turn gave rise to a very big demand for the so-called Rapid-Fire gamepads. This mod’s functionality really hasn’t changed that much

Where To Find Modded Controllers

Anyway, seeing how fast the demand was growing for enhanced gaming experiences, modding corporations decided to start putting all their energy and effort into looking for ways on how they can deliver, which then translated into them developing more mods. This here is a store about modded game controllers and they offer hundreds of different designs for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3.

They also offer exclusive add on options such as drop shot mod, auto-burst jitter mod and fast reload mod. Today we now have close to around fifteen gameplay upgrades which are well-known in the gaming industry and are all being offered by reputable sites all across the market. One being the likes of ModdedZone.com which has fast grown to become the largest custom mod gaming controller company of our time

Are They Legal?

With the thousands of gaming forums designed to discuss the legitimacy of the modded controller, it is very easy for one to get misled. Let’s try and see if we can put you on the correct path. Although 3rd party modded gamepads aren’t officially recognized by the key players in the gaming industry the likes of Sony and Microsoft they’re perfectly legal.

We say this because PS4 and Xbox One modified gamepads come with special chips fitted inside them. This chip doesn’t alter nor does it hack the initial game code, however, their certain advantages it awards the players that are using them. They may not be illegal but using them is arguably one form of cheating in itself according to some.

The modding market of today is literally flooded with companies that offer several different kinds of modded controllers that fit every purpose as well as taste. All you need is a few ideas on what you intend to get out of your modded gaming controller. These days, most manufacturers have managed to provide gamers with exactly what they need, be it with Sony or Microsoft gaming consoles. Things will probably never be the same now that it certainly looks like these products are here to stay. With that said, there’s no doubt that the gaming future looks bright. Get yours today.


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