The 2021 Best Audiophile Headphone List | Affordable Headphones Buying Guide


    If you are looking for the perfect pair of audiophile headphones that are available at decent prices then this buying guide article is for you. Get to know the top-selling headphones that will fit your budget in 2021. There are a variety of ranges available for audiophile headphones that will meet the client’s requirement for the very first time. But with the availability of these many options, the user gets confused about which one to pick or which one to refuse. To help you out with the best options available, we at Headphones Critics have brought the Top 5 Picks for headphones that will provide you with authentic sound performance within your budget. Every individual has different tastes and preferences of music so they have to choose their headphones accordingly. Therefore, by scouring the market we have created the list of best-selling audiophile headphones of 2021 within your budget. As a buyer always remember you should never compromise in the quality, audiophiles can tell and deliver the right bass, excellent clarity, and other premium designing features. To know more detailed information about top pairs of audiophile headphones continue scrolling our article. It will definitely help you in guiding you in choosing the perfect pair for you.

    Best 5 Picks of Audiophile Headphones in 2021

    Get the list of top-selling audiophile headphones in 2021 that will be suitable within your budget. While buying a pair of headphones it is important to consider the quality, price, battery and many other features. So, make your list according to your taste and preferences, and then start choosing from the below-mentioned pair of headphones that will deliver you a comfortable and fully enjoyable music experience. 

    1. Beyerdynamic 770 Pro Studio Headphones

    These are the perfect pair of audiophile headphones that deliver an unbeatable sound experience within the affordable budget. If you are looking for comfort and amazing sound quality then this pair is perfectly designed for you. It has a noise cancellation feature that provides minimal leakage during sound production. Its luxurious perfectly designed ear cups fit softly to the user’s ear. Whether you are looking for a home, office, and professional use these headphones will become love for you by delivering higher frequency sounds.

    2. V-Moda Crossfade

    The V-Moda Crossfade pair of headphones are designed with a sleek fit so that they will provide an amazing design and style to the user. With the optimal level of sound and comforting experience, it will never disappoint music lovers. Its in-built microphones help in easy switching. Therefore, these additional features make it the refined pair of audiophile headphones of 2021. Get the sound isolation additional feature with owning a V-Moda Crossfade Audiophile headphones set.

    3. Edifer H850

    It is one of the perfectly designed closed-back earphones that offer an amazing music experience to the users. If you are in search of effectively lightweight and comfortable headphones then this pair is perfectly designed for you. It is made with leather pads and cushioned headband that has quality bass for delivering amazing movies, music, and other sound experience. 

    4. Audio-Technica ATH M50x

    The Audio-TechnicaATH M50x is a high-quality headphone that is available at an affordable price. Its closed-back end never fails to deliver a soothing music experience to all types of users. If you love to listen without any distractions then its sleek designed ear cups never fail to impress you. Also, you can enjoy the sound for hours with its utmost comfortable headband.

    5. Philips SHP9500S

    These are the most lightweight and comfortable headphones that provide undisturbed jamming sessions to the users. Get the music clarity and amazing sound quality within your budget. Any kind of music lover you are, these headphones will definitely impress you with their amazing features and capabilities. So, get the value for your money by bringing the Philips SHP9500S Audiophile headphones to your home.

    Overall Thoughts

    Our recommendations above provided you with the knowledge and information regarding the best-selling Audiophile headphones of 2021. If you want to make your music experience worthwhile, we recommend you pick one from the above-mentioned list. It will definitely provide you the value for your money. Get the best sounding headphones and enjoy listening to music with 100% satisfaction. If you are choosing headphones for yourself, then follow our reviews; these will definitely help you in better buying decision making.


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