Top 10 Best Stock Market Games For Kids

Top 10 Best Stock Market Games For Kids
Top 10 Best Stock Market Games For Kids

The Stock Market is a land of opportunity and potential fortunes. Although it’s easier said than done to get a grip on stock market trades. Most people begin trading stocks in their 20’s after college. However, the most successful traders like Jesse Livermore learned how to trade as a teen.

If you want your children to be successful stock traders then, like most things, is best to start at an early age. Due to the complexity of trading shares, it will be unfathomable for a young child to understand the variables of a trade.

So to keep your children interested and pro-active with their stock market journey, introduce them to essay examples at or stock market games for kids.The stock market is not the place you want to be making beginner mistakes as it can be extremely costly.. much like skydiving. Unless your kid has a few million to gamble with, its advised to teach them the basics first.

Best Stock Market Games For Kids

Stock market games range from fantasy stock trades to definition match-ups. All of these games support beginners and help children to grasp what it is to trade and answers simple questions like “what is a stock” and “what is a company”.

Top 10 Best Stock Market Games For Kids
Top 10 Best Stock Market Games For Kids

1: WeSeed

WeSeed’s main focus is teaching people to trade with no previous knowledge of stock markets or even what a company is. WeSeed game makes trading much less scary and allows you to do simulation trades where you can learn from mistakes and prepare for the real stock exchange.

2: Empire Avenue

This game is described as “Wall Street meets Facebook”. The game replaces public companies with people who buy and sell shares of themselves. As a players share goes up, they will get achievements as an indication when a trade was successful. The game may take some time to get used to, but it replicates the foundation of stock market trading well.

3: Wall Street Survivor

With Wall Street Survivor, you can make real money without having to spend any. Your child can learn about stock market and simulate trades. If your child makes continuous successful trades, Wall Street Survivor then pays you as a reward. The game also helps players create a winning portfolio and has great resources such as videos, articles and more where you can learn the ropes of the trade,

4: StockTrak

From the makers of Wall Street Survivor and How the Market Works comes StockTrak. This game is aimed older children as it is quite complex. Players can access real-time stock ticker updates and the game also has 25 other exchanges like TSX. Players start with $500,000 to get spent on stocks, bonds, futures and mutual funds.

5: The Stock Market Game

This game has been around since 1977 and is aimed at young children who are starting from scratch. The game gives players an interactive experience about trading. This is one our favourite stock market games for kids because it is so easy to use. If you have kids then ask their teacher about signing them up to this game.

6: UpDown

This game gives you $1,000,000 worth of fake money for you to spend and invest on stock, bonds etc. The more you earn from your investments the higher up the rankings you will climb. As you climb the rankings you will get rewards. The game recommends stocks for you to buy and tells you why you should get them. This helps when you look at real stocks you will be able to base your decision off simulations you have previously seen.

7: How The Market Works

This game attracts thousands of players annually and it very popular for young stock market enthusiasts. The game has step by step instructions on how to play and how to work in on the stock market. Unlike the other games, this one introduces short selling and penny stocks. Their website also has a collection of articles so your child can read about stock market tips.

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8: SmartStocks is similar to Wall Street Survivor but if for more serious traders. With the help of SmartStocks you can master your craft and operate the stock market with precision and less risk. The game teaches you how to minimise risk on investments and you can watch a series of certification videos. The press release section has the latest news about stocks from companies across the world. Stock charts and leaderboards are included on the game and displays portfolio rankings. 

9: Stock Market Simulator

For Android users, you are in luck. The Stock Market simulator game gives you $25,000 to start with and the aim is to work your way to the top. The game is free and you can invest in stocks and simulate returns, research can be done on the games integrated charts. This is a popular stock market game for kids because it teaches them along the way.


iPhone users have their own stock simulation game. iTrade is almost the same as Stock Market Simualtor although it allows you to trade on more stocks and discuss markets with other players on the game forum. For example, you can discuss the 


The best way to get good at stock market trading is to trade frequently and stay up to date with new stock market trading technology.

 Trading technology is advancing every year with new algorithms being introduced, the only way to stay on top is to practise. 


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