Top 7 Conversation Games That You Can Go Ahead and Play over Facetime & Skype


Bored up of having the same conversation again and again over messaging Apps. Then this is the right time for you to start a new way of conversation to all your friends and especially the loved ones. Through facetime you can actually go ahead and make these conversations not just interesting but even fascinating.

Most of us these days generally focus on conversations instead of trying and understanding the connection with person you are having on the other side, as this is something that actually matters to us a lot. The daily talk shows for example help us in improving the quality and strength of our relationship, as they try and spend some quality time together. There we will have to use strategies that will make them more energetic and curious.

And most of us sometimes do come across the situations when we have nothing to talk about, but still try and carry on the conversation that we are all having. In such kind of cases we can try out some of the facetime conversational games just to make sure that we are completely involved in it. It’s just that you have to be playful and funny, making sure that you don’t get serious while playing such games with your partner. So let’s have a look at the facetime conversational games below.

Top 7 Conversation Games That You Can Go Ahead and Play over Facetime & Skype
Top 7 Conversation Games That You Can Go Ahead and Play over Facetime & Skype

Two truths and one lie: In this game all that you need to do is to take turns and tell two truths and one lie that have specifically turned out to happen on that day. And from all the facts that you have presented over there your partner will actually have to guess which one is a lie and why. 

21 Questions: This is really a very simple game. And in this game each of you take turns and ask the other person some interesting and personal kind of questions. The game can be started by having a facetime conversation, and you can continue doing the same till you have finished asking 21 questions in total. Sometimes you can even cheat a bit asking a few questions well in advance.

Truth and Dare: I am sure each and every one of us are aware of this game. This is a game that is generally played turn-by-turn asking questions to the other players by choosing Truth or Dare. Once the answer is given to you it then becomes easy to decide whether to ask a question or whether to give them a task for choosing dare. It’s really a fun kind of a game all that you need to do is just give it a try. There are many sites that can help you in providing questions and dare for the game. All that you need to do is just Google search. 

Last letter: This is not just simple but even a super fun game, where one of you will start by saying a random word and then say another word with the last letter of the previous word. The words that are already said cannot be repeated. And if anyone get struck with the game they are the ones who loose. There are four rounds in this game and every time you lose you get a letter from the word kill. If you lose all the 4 times you actually collect all the four letters of the word kill, and thus get killed losing the entire game. 

The Lyrics of the song: This is generally believed to be one of the excellent text gaming activity in facetime and is for all the music fans. It is a game that you can begin playing when you or out, or around with your fiancé who is tired and is sitting at home, or while you are on skype having a facetime chatting. The other person who is on the other side is going to be guessing the song that the lyrics have come from. And this will turn out to be really very fascinating if you both actually love listening to songs. Also make sure that both of you wish to see the films else you will never be able to guess where the lyrics have actually come from.

I have never ever: This is one of those games where you will have to actually drink in front of each other take up turns saying that you have not done this thing before ever in life. Safe example saying I have never done sex yet in life and if your partner or anyone else has done such a thing they will immediately take a sip. The beauty of this game generally lies in saying all those things that you think your partner must have done it before. The one whose drink lasts longer is actually the winner.

So, these were some of the conversational games that are not just fun but are even interesting at the same time while you are playing with your friends over Facetime or Skype. Or if you are looking for a conventional gaming system then, there are some great offers for the UK residents; they can own one free by choosing the mobile phones with free gifts offer with the purchase of next mobile handset. These will not just reduce your boredom but also makes you stress free.

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