Top 10 Games to Play over Skype


Skype is the most popular and the first ever software or app available for the video calling. Well, it is much popular because of its performance. Everything is perfect, well the UI (User Interface) is cool and the video quality is just great. That’s why it is still works for over 60% of Mobile users & 100% on Desktop. Also, We can play games on Skype. Here I found 10 Games to play on Skype.

Also, You don’t even need to install, It is preinstalled on Windows 10/8/8.1. But as the time goes, popularity of skypes goes down day by day. Because all the things are works as it is. There are no updates in UI or other features. Then, Microsoft reelises this, and start updating skype time to time. Like The UI for the Skype app is now completely changed. It has got the new stickers, games,etc. Also, The competition is now become very tough because of Google’s Duo, Viber,  Imo, & WhatsApp. But the Skype is the boss at least for the Windows users. So check the list of Games on Skype.

1. Chess

Top 10 Games to Play over Skype
Top 10 Games to Play over Skype

Yes, our favorite freeky game is available on Skype as well, I am talking about Chess. The mind-game with lot of fun is here you can play with your friend when you are on video call. You can play any game when you are connected to a group call on skype. Microsoft known the best Arcade game, so linked the Chess in to Skype.

2. Two Truth & One Dare

The Simple most interesting game most played by girls and boys to know the truth and lie of each other. So, Skype knows everything and attached your favorite game within it. If you like this game, play with your girlfriend or boyfriend and try to know their two truths & one dare.

3. True or False

True or False is another most popular Skype game. In which player need to gives 10 answers, and after giving the answers result comes of both of the players (you and your friend). Higher the true answers, higher the chances of you to win. It is the Most played game by kids.

4. Table Tennis

Table tennis the most entertaining simplest & exciting games everyone’s like on the skype. The user interface of the Table Tennis Skype is minimilistic like the old gold games. But when you are playing it with your friends, you just not think of it you are enjoying it a lot.

5. Tic Tac Toe

Another super excited game Tic Tac Toe, you can play with your friend on Skype. According to me, This is the only best way to play Tic Tac Toe with your friends without any need of pen and piece of paper. Although, you can enjoy it on skype without any lagging.

6. Battle Block Theatre

The Game which is very similar to the Skyrim, yes you can enjoy the Games like Skyrim on Skype. It has great graphics with amazing playback music. You just need to cross the fast paced puzzled blocks by running and jumping on it. If you liked this game make sure to play it now on skype.

7. Bingo Place

We all know about Bingo it is the game which is most loved by the young kids or childrens. You can enjoy this game with group of people. So, what are you waiting for, go and play Bingo.

8. Gang Beast

If you love fighting, then you need to play Gang beast with your friends on Skype in a group. There are four members, you need to fight with your team mates. So Go on Skype and play Gang Beast.

9. Last Letter

The simple game in which you just need to find out the last letter of the word. It will help you to increase your knowledge. This game is the first love of kids.

10. 21 Questions

If you love quiz games, then you need to check 21 Questions. Well, the set of first 5 questions are very simple and the difficulty level goes high as the question changes, Though, the last 6 questions are very difficult but they are interesting.

These are the 10 Games to Play over Skype . Which one is your favorite game. Let me know in the comment section.

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