Why Super Mario 3 is the Best Game in this World


Why Super Mario 3 is the best game in this world

To talk about Super Mario 3 is to talk about quality. At the level of Kirby, the Megaman saga or the best Contra, the yellow cartridge was responsible for kidnapping the hearts of fans of the mustachioed forever.

Obviating the emotional and related to childhood or memory (which often say, journalists should forget, although I prefer not to), Super Mario 3 is recognized as the title really key to the saga, fighting, perhaps, only with Super Mario World in terms of transcendence.
Eight worlds -as in their first version- took care of taking us through classic, giant, sand, water, ice, tubes and military vessels scenarios, with a level of advanced graphics for their time.

The graphic aspect and the Nintendo engine lived in a hurricane of mutual demands. It was necessary to integrate the NES cartridge, for the first time in its history, an extra memory chip that would make the amalgam between interface and hardware fluid and end with marvels like Mario flying accompanied by an unforgettable raccoon tail.

Super Mario 3

Super Mario 3, along with pictorial works such as Kirby’s Adventure, mixed classic horizontal movements with vertical animations that changed the history of videogames forever.You can check out these Mario games on unfair mario
All the above, in high development levels, such as world five or eight, that when played for the first time is recorded forever as one of Mario’s best finals due to difficulty, but also due to mysticism and finesse in the climatic scenes .

Beyond the technical, its levels of gameplay continue to be one of the pillars of our friend mustache in his adventures through time. We can find elements that were later assumed to be “canonical” in games like Mario Kart, Party or any other version. The design of Peach, Luigi and Toad, for example, always moved from the base located in this game and not in another.

He innovated incorporating the concept of “vault”. After a visit where Toad or a confrontation with a guard that guarded the castle of Bowser you received as a reward a valuable item for the future, it could be a mushroom, a flower, leaf-to fly-or a miserable star.

The elements delivered by Mario’s friend or his enemies vary throughout the worlds and adjust to the needs of each location. For example, in world three, it is much more common to receive a frogman suit to travel the water levels and in the six a helmet and hammers.
Paragraph aside and alone for the flute, which shares the sound with one of Zelda and can take you from one world to another, in some cases to collect more elements thinking about the final battle, in others to finish the game more quickly. Like all the good things about Super Mario 3, this would be replicated later in Super Mario World with the stars on the map.

Obviously the finals are superior in Mario 3. From a cheat in stage three of the world one or the castle, always to get a flute, going through the end of each stage, which allowed you to accumulate a card that repeated three times delivers lives in quantities of two (fungus), three (flower) or five (star).

Each castle chief is unfortunately not so difficult to kill once you discover the pattern of his jumps, but that is forgotten when you reach the end of each world, in which one of Bowser’s children always manages to complicate your life with their different abilities.
The concept of minigames began to shine forever on Nintendo with Super Mario 3 and in the two player mode you can play, to take the turn of your Luigi – if you’re a younger brother, you know what I’m talking about – an improved version of the classic Mario Bros., present his vast majority as an arcade.

Shine also the cards to get extra lives, the Bowser ships that only contained coins and how not to mention them, the “memorize” with the card, which helped us to have a fuller life as plumbers.

Super Mario 3 is not good because I liked it and already. There is an artistic vision behind the game that can be seen on all levels, a direction of the graphics, music and color palettes that operates to fit perfectly in the story and the thousands of variables that the much-used “playability” has in the today’s titles.

Regarding the cultural variables of which he drinks, only one sample: the “tanooki”, sacred animal of Japanese mythology – a mix of dog and raccoon – is a good luck charm in Japanese mythology that rubbed leaves to create optical illusions in front of his head and deceive humans. How to forget, every time an enemy approached and allowed us to transform into a statue to deceive him.

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