Upcoming Counter-Strike Events: Don’t Miss a Chance


    eSports is rapidly gaining popularity, gradually equalizing rights with classic sports. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events are the most long-awaited since the game hosts major tournaments with large prize pools.

    As it can be seen, eSports is not only a way to have fun but also an opportunity to build a career and earn money. As you can see at http://gg.bet/en/counter-strike, the CS: GO tournaments have different levels, organizers, and formats. So, amateur cyber-athletes and ordinary viewers can access the most spectacular and exciting matches.

    Forthcoming Matches to Watch and Bet

    Local competitions take place literally every day, but large-scale events attract the maximum audience, although they are held less often. So what can you expect in the nearest future?

    • June 14–19 – Blast Premier
    • July 5–17 – IEM Cologne
    • From August 31 to October 2 – the 16th season of the ESL Pro League
    • October 19–23 – Blast Premier Fall Showdown
    • November 22–27: Blast Premier Fall Final
    • December 14–18: Blast Premier World Final

    In addition, players and fans of Counter-Strike may enjoy other, less ranked competitions with prize funds worth tens of thousands of dollars. These tournaments are held regularly.

    Why Should You Visit Blast Premier?

    Blast Premier is the most incendiary, delightful, and enjoyable eSports event worldwide. The tournament is a global series of matches disclosing the elite-level Counter-Strike and providing premium-class entertainment for viewers.

    You will be stunned when a huge wall of digital screens and sparkling visual effects across the arena. So, whether you watch online at http://gg.bet/en/esports, sit close to players, or in the back, you won’t miss even a minute of the heart-racing action.

    The bo1 qualification has divided the grid into three parts. G2 Esports is waiting for its opponents in the first grid, while OG Esports and FaZe Clan will meet rivals in the second and third grids, respectively. In April, the teams mentioned above won their subgroups and were automatically selected for the BLAST Premier Spring Final. Therefore, they have to take only one fight. Team Vitality, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Astralis qualified for the semi-finals. So, they will hold two matches in the best case. As for everyone else, they will have a bumpy ride to “final bosses.”

    IEM Cologne CS: GO Competition

    The Counter-Strike Cathedral will host the bells and whistles of this game in Germany. This tournament is one of the most important events this year. It introduces 24 teams from Europe, China, North America, and South America that will fight online for massive money prizes and prestigious titles. You will savor the battle on LANXESS Arena, packed with mind-blowing effects to create a unique atmosphere.

    Eight teams will play as a part of the group stage IEM Cologne 2022:

    • FaZe Clan
    • Natus Vincere
    • G2 Esports
    • FURIA Esports
    • Cloud9
    • ENCE
    • Ninjas in Pyjamas
    • Team Liquid

    The represented teams scored the necessary points in the previous Intel Extreme Masters Season series championships.

    The company of the above teams will comprise another sixteen participants, starting their way from the stage of Play-In. The following cyber-sports brands will perform under this stage of IEM Cologne 2022:

    • Imperial Esports
    • Sprout
    • Complexity Gaming
    • Heroic
    • Team Vitality
    • ORDER
    • Team Big Spirit
    • TYLOO
    • Astralis
    • Outsiders
    • Istar Riders
    • paiN Mouz
    • BRZ
    • MIZ

    Within the championship, the teams will fight for a prize pool of $1,000,000, as well as ranking points in the BLAST Premier table.

    More about ESL Pro League

    Intel Extreme Masters Cologne is the final step towards absolute victory. IEM Cologne’s participants and those directly qualified will perform as powerful armies of 34 teams, ready to sweep away everything in its path to hold leadership and win $850,000. The tournament is divided into three stages:

    • Conference stage: June 16-20

    Six teams are involved in double-elimination matches in Bo3 mode. Only 6 winners progress to groups.

    • Group Stage: August 31 – 25 September

    24 teams will fight Bo3 4 Rounds in Robin Groups of 6. The first leader goes to Quarter Finals. The 2nd and 3rd winners go to Ro12.

    • Playoff stage: September 27 – 2 October

    12 teams are in the knockout game, meaning that each match’s underdog is immediately excluded from the tournament. Thus, the winners will go to the Bo5 Grand Final.

    Who Wins the Blast Premier World Final?

    The following competitions will host 8 of the world’s best eSports teams. It means you see the most skillful and qualified players and real stars. So who will become an absolute winner? The first eight did not change their position. According to fans and expert opinions, Natus Vincere leads the top 30 and has the highest odds based on the last-year championship’s outcome. Gambit follows, and Virtus.pro is the seventh.

    Entropiq rose one position and became the ninth, immediately behind it Furia. But FaZe lost two lines and closed these three commands. Three other teams, ENCE and GODSENT, rose to 14th and 15th respectively, and BIG dropped to 16th.

    The forZe team became closer to the top-20, conveniently having settled down on the 21st line. In turn, K23 also tends to be in the top twenty teams. However, it is only in the 23rd place for now. In addition, you should consider the Bulgarian SKADE, which has improved its position at once by six points relative to the previous rating and took 28th place.

    The year 2022 will show us a lot of interesting things. Hence, viewers and bettors are looking forward to the moment when guys start the action to demonstrate a new level of play for all CS: GO fans.


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