Quick Ways To Fix: Version Mismatch With Host CIV 6!


Civilization 6, also known as Civ 6, is very popular and is now in its sixth version. A lot of people were excited about the new release, but there’s a big problem that keeps happening. The game gets updated often, but not everyone gets these updates at the same time. This causes errors, and it’s hard for players to play the game together with their friends in multiplayer mode.

Civilization 6, a popular turn-based strategy game by Firaxis Games, often faces the Version Mismatch With Host civ 6 error, disrupting multiplayer gaming. This issue arises when players are running different versions of the game. The primary causes include:

  • Game Updates: Firaxis regularly releases updates to enhance gameplay and add new content. If players are on different update versions, a mismatch occurs.
  • Mods: The active modding community in Civilization 6 can lead to mismatches if mods are not compatible with the current game version.
  • Expansions and DLCs: The game’s numerous expansions and DLCs can cause mismatches if players have different combinations of these add-ons.

Understanding these factors is key to resolving and preventing version mismatches, ensuring a smoother multiplayer experience in Civilization 6.

What Are The Common Causes Of Version Mismatch In Civ 6?

Version mismatch in Civ 6 signifies that your game version differs from that of your gaming partner. This discrepancy can occur due to several factors:

  • Cross-Platform Play: Different platforms may have varying versions of the game.
  • Outdated Versions: One platform might be lagging in receiving the latest updates.
  • Delayed Updates for Mac Users: Mac platforms often receive updates later than Windows OS.
  • Regional Update Releases: Players in different regions may receive updates at different times.
  • System Conflicts or Missing Libraries: These technical issues can also contribute to version mismatches.

How To Fix Version Mismatch On Civ6

Civilization 6, affectionately known as Civ 6 by its dedicated fan community, is currently in its sixth iteration. With the excitement surrounding the new release, a recurring issue has been the version mismatch in Civ 6.

This problem arises as the game frequently updates, and not all players receive these updates simultaneously, leading to difficulties in multiplayer gaming.

Fix1. Switching To Civ 6 Legacy Version

If you’re playing on a PC with the latest updates and your friend is on a Mac without these updates, you might encounter a version mismatch. To resolve this, you can revert your game to an earlier version, aligning it with your friend’s version. Here’s the process:

  • Save and exit Civ 6.
  • Open Steam and go to your Library.
  • Right-click on Civ 6 and select Properties.
  • In the Properties, click the Beta tab.
  • Enter need legacy access in the code box and click Check Code.
  • Restart Civ 6, which should now run in the legacy version, bypassing the mismatch error.

Fix2. Using The Event Log Viewer for Troubleshooting

PC players can diagnose the issue using the event log viewer, a tool that records all events and errors from apps and games. This can be particularly useful when the cause of the version mismatch is unclear. To use this tool:

Version Mismatch With Host CIV 6

  • Right-click the Start menu and select Computer Management.
  • Open Event Viewer and navigate to Windows Logs > Applications.
  • Look for Civ 6 errors and take appropriate actions based on the error details.

Fix3. Updating The Game

In some cases, the mismatch occurs when players on the same platform have different versions of Civ 6. The solution here is to ensure that all players update their game through Steam. This involves:

Version Mismatch With Host CIV 6

  • Exiting Civ 6 and opening Steam.
  • Went to the Library, found Civ 6, and accessed its Properties.
  • In the Updates section, set the game to auto-update with high priority.
  • Restart Steam to allow it to download and install the latest Civ 6 update.

Fix4. Waiting For Civ 6 Updates

Version Mismatch With Host CIV 6

Game updates are not always released simultaneously across all platforms and regions. Firaxis, the developer of Civ 6, typically rolls out PC updates first, followed by Mac updates. If you haven’t received the latest update yet, patience is key.

The Impact Of Version Mismatch With Host Civ 6

When there is a version mismatch in Civilization 6, it can negatively affect the gameplay experience. Here are some prevalent issues that arise due to version mismatches in the game:

  • Difficulty in Joining Multiplayer Games: Players face challenges when trying to join multiplayer games with friends or through online matchmaking due to version mismatch errors, leading to disappointment and frustration.
  • Hindrances in Cross-Platform Gameplay: The game’s cross-platform feature, which allows play between different platforms like PC, Mac, and consoles, is disrupted when there are discrepancies in game versions, preventing players from engaging together.
  • Compromised Gameplay Stability: Version mismatches can result in decreased stability within the game, causing issues like crashes, unexpected in-game behavior, or other synchronization problems, detracting from the overall gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re unable to play Civ 6 with your friends due to a version mismatch, consider updating your game to align with other players or switch to the legacy version for compatibility.

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