Top 6 Steps To Fix: Sons Of The Forest Cant Open An Inventory


Sons of the Forest, the eagerly awaited sequel to the acclaimed survival horror game “The Forest,” has quickly captivated gamers with its immersive world and intense gameplay. However, players have encountered a significant technical hurdle: an inability to open the inventory, a problem that can drastically hinder progress and enjoyment of the game.

Sons Of The Forest Cant Open An Inventory Error Means

sons of the forest cant open inventory

The inventory mechanism in Sons of the Forest cant open inventory plays a pivotal role, enabling players to organize resources, create items, and utilize essential tools crucial for survival. Thus, the prevalent issue of being unable to open the inventory in Sons Of The Forest significantly hampers a player’s progression and overall enjoyment of the game.

Within “Sons of the Forest,” accessing your inventory is essential for utilizing and viewing your collected items, typically achieved by pressing the ‘I’ key. This inventory serves as a central hub for all your gathered resources, available at your discretion throughout the game. However, with the onset of the ‘Sons Of The Forest Can’t Open Inventory’ problem, players find themselves unable to access this crucial feature, leading to a significant impediment in gameplay.

This guide aims to explore straightforward solutions to rectify the ‘Sons Of The Forest Can’t Open Inventory’ dilemma, ensuring you regain access to your inventory effortlessly and continue to experience the game at its best.

Common Causes Of The Sons Of The Forest Can’t Open Inventory!

Here’s a structured explanation of the causes of the inventory issue in “Sons of the Forest,” with each cause presented as a heading followed by a brief paragraph:

1. Game Bugs And Glitches

“Sons of the Forest,” like many complex video games, may have inherent bugs and glitches that were not identified during development. These can lead to issues with the inventory system, particularly when certain game elements interact in unexpected ways. These glitches might be triggered by specific actions or events within the game, leading to the inventory becoming inaccessible or unresponsive.

2. System Performance Issues

The game’s high graphical demands can strain systems, especially those with lower specifications. This strain can manifest as performance issues, including the inventory bug. Additionally, if the game consumes excessive memory, it can result in slowdowns or freezing, which might affect various aspects of the game, including the inventory functionality.

3. Software Conflicts

Running other applications in the background can interfere with the game’s performance, particularly if those applications are resource-intensive. Furthermore, outdated graphics or system drivers might not fully support the game’s latest version, leading to compatibility issues that could cause inventory glitches.

4. Corrupted Game Files

Corruption in game files can occur due to improper installation, failed updates, or unexpected system crashes while the game is running. Such corruption can lead to a range of issues, including problems with the inventory system, as the game fails to load or process inventory data correctly.

5. User Interface Issues

Incorrect resolution or display settings can cause problems with the game’s user interface, including the inventory screen. Players who use custom mods or have altered game settings might also experience conflicts that can lead to the inventory issue, as these modifications can interfere with the game’s intended functionality.

Methods To Fix The sons of the forest cant open inventory issue

sons of the forest cant open inventory

Fix 1. Restarting The Game

Often, the simplest solution is to exit and restart the game. This method can quickly resolve the issue, but it’s crucial to save your progress beforehand to avoid losing any advancements. Saving can be done by visiting the shelter in the game.

Fix 2. Sleeping In The Game

Some players have found that making their character sleep in the game can miraculously fix the inventory issue. To sleep, visit your shelter. If it doesn’t work the first time, try sleeping a few more times, keeping in mind that this will make your character hungry.

Fix 3. Updating The Game

The game’s developers regularly release updates to fix bugs and glitches. If a patch for this issue is available, it will typically prompt you to update when you restart the game. Keeping the game up-to-date is crucial for a smooth experience.

Fix 4. Lowering Game Settings

Reducing the game’s graphical settings has been a workaround for some players. If you’re playing on high settings, try switching to medium and then attempt to open your inventory. If successful, you can try reverting to the original settings.

Fix 5. Seeking Community Support

Online forums, subreddits, and gaming communities dedicated to “Sons of the Forest” can be invaluable resources. Other players may have encountered and resolved the same issue, and their shared experiences can provide alternative solutions.

Fix 6. Contacting Support

If all else fails, reaching out to the game’s support team with detailed information about your issue, including steps already taken, can lead to direct assistance and potentially a tailored solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why can’t I open my backpack in Sons of the Forest?
Ans: There are various reasons for this bug, including missing items like the guidebook. Community pages often have specific solutions for different scenarios.

Q2. How do you quickly access inventory in Sons of the Forest?
Ans: The default key for quick inventory access is the ‘I’ key.


While encountering technical issues such as the inability to open the inventory in “Sons of the Forest” can be frustrating, it’s important to remember that most problems have potential solutions. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined above and seeking help from the game’s community or support team, players can increase their chances of resolving the issue and fully immersing themselves in the terrifying world of Sons of the Forest.

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