Locations Of All Battle Logs In Armored Core 6 [2023]

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In “Armored Core 6” you get to enjoy the excitement of fighting in robot suits, and there’s a lot of thinking involved in winning battles. There’s a special part of the game called the “Armored Core 6 Battle Log Pending” that makes it even more exciting because it holds secrets that everyone wants to know to get better at the game.

These Battle Logs are not just mere collectibles; they are a testament to a player’s skill, a record of their most harrowing encounters, and a gateway to unlocking the full potential of their mechanical behemoths

Battle Logs In Armored Core 6 (AC6)

armored core 6 battle log pending

In Armored Core 6, you’ll come across special items called Battle Logs that you can collect. If you manage to find all of them, you’ll earn a trophy or achievement called “Combat Log Collector.”

These logs can only be obtained from certain enemies. To obtain a log, you must defeat these specific enemies first. Then, you’ll need to fulfill a particular requirement or task associated with the log to consider it successfully collected. Once collected, these logs won’t reappear. They are divided into four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

When you gather these logs, your “Hunter Class” will increase, and you can track this on the Garage screen. Each increase in Hunter Class unlocks new components that are essential for earning the “Asset Holder” trophy, which you get by collecting all available components. You can identify these special enemies by a symbol resembling a log located next to their health bar.

The LOGHUNT Program

After you finish ‘Operation Wallclimber’ in the first part of your first playthrough, you will get a message saying that you have been accepted into LOGHUNT, a program by ALLMIND that helps mercenaries.

After that, there will be specific enemies assigned to certain missions in the game. When you find and remove them, you’ll get a Combat Log. When you collect Combat Logs, your rank will go up in the LOGHUNT program and you will unlock new Parts for your AC as you level up.

armored core 6 battle log pending

Fastest Way To Rank Up LOGHUNT

In the game, search for tough enemies who always remember their fights. If you beat them, it will make your Loghunt better and you will move up in your hunter rank. Some enemies are important for your mission, while others are located in difficult-to-find places.

You can tell if an enemy has a combat log by looking for a small symbol at the top left of their circle. Moreover, you can choose to look at your past battles to find any enemies you might have missed before.

Go to the Replay Mission menu and look at all the choices. If a mission has the combat log symbol, it means that someone from the enemy side is recording the fighting happening in that mission. You can check the mission details on the right side to see if you have the combat log. If the message says battle log: pending, it means you haven’t received it yet.

In easier words: If it says battle log: pendiing, it means you haven’t received it yet. Every fight is divided into different levels, like Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. If you have a higher score in the combat log, you will be given a higher rank in Loghunt.

How To Find Battle Logs In Armored Core 6?

armored core 6 battle log pending

In Armored Core 6, there is a mission in Chapter 1 referred to as “Retrieve Combat Logs. “ You should discover 5 logs inside 4 minutes, even though there are a complete of 8 logs available. Getting all eight earns extra factors.

Search for orange fires and black smoke coming from destroyed robots inside the frozen area. To gather them speedily, live far from enemies, use a powerful machine, and continue using Assault Boost for expanded velocity.

Locations Of All Battle Logs In Armored Core 6 (AC6)

At the beginning of the town, there are two combat logs on the proper side of the ramp, far from the city. There are greater items close to the snow-included road next to the crater. In the hole, there are additional matters. The very last piece of wood is hidden, positioned closer to the left of the damaged delivery and to the left of the metropolis.

While inside the whole vicinity of the floor, an adversarial aircraft enemy comes and attacks. If feasible, win towards it quickly. But in case you need more information, avoid the enemy aircraft now and do the mission again to concentrate on destroying it. So let’s begin Armored Core 6 Battle Log Locations and finding them.

Armored Core 6: Comprehensive Guide To Battle Log Locations

Start your search for all the hidden Battle Logs in Armored Core 6 at the town’s entrance. Right off the bat, you’ll find two battle logs to the right of the ramp, not far from the city area. For more items, head over to the path covered in snow near the crater. Inside the crater, you’ll find more treasures, and if you look toward the city outline, there’s a well-hidden log by the broken pieces of a ship, on the left side.

armored core 6 battle log pending

While you’re moving through this big area, watch out for enemy planes that might dive down to attack. If you’re ready to fight, take them on quickly to win. But if you’re just there to check things out, dodge them and plan to come back when you’re ready to fight. Now, let’s go over where to find the Battle Logs in Armored Core 6, for each chapter.

Chapter 1: The Dawn Of Battle

MissionObjectiveSilver LogGold LogBronze LogNotes
1Target helicopters for transaminationLog located on a high platform
2Eliminate the Tester ACDefeat unnamed MTs on the city’s edge
3Breach the Dam ComplexThe primary goal to secure the log
4Wall Climbing OperationThe primary goal is to secure the log
5Reclaim Battle RecordingsGuarded by an air conditioner unit
6Invade the WatchpointDefeat “Sulla” for the log
  • Mission 1: Target the helicopters designated for transamination. A Silver Log awaits atop a lofty platform, guarded by the urban skyline.
  • Mission 2: Your primary goal is to secure a Silver Log by eliminating the Tester AC.
  • Mission 3: Breach the Dam Complex. Post-destruction of the second target, a Silver Log is nestled by a vast, icy lake on the upper tier. A Golden Record is your prize for overcoming an adversary post-fourth objective on the same frozen expanse.
  • Mission 4: During the Wall Climbing Operation, defeat three unnamed MTs on the city’s left fringe to retrieve Bronze Logs.
  • Mission 5: Reclaim the Battle Recordings. A Gold Log is guarded by a formidable air conditioner unit, hidden off a platform amidst the ruins.
  • Mission 6: Invade the Watchpoint. Triumph over the target known as “Sulla” to claim a Gold Log.

Chapter 2: The Heart Of The Conflict

MissionObjectiveSilver LogGold LogBronze LogNotes
7Penetrate Grid 086Defeat “Invincible Rummy” for Silver, AC in furnace for Gold, and find Bronze in the energy grid
8Ocean CrossingCollect Bronze Logs from aerial drones and other flying enemies
  • Mission 7: Penetrate Grid 086. Conquer “Invincible Rummy” for a Silver Log, and scour the energy grid’s heart for Bronze and Silver Logs. A Gold Log is your reward for besting an AC in the furnace room, while three Bronze Logs can be collected post-battle outside the structure.
  • Mission 8: Ocean Crossing. Aerial drones yield Bronze Logs, with additional logs available from subsequent flying foes.

Chapter 3: The Rising Tide

MissionObjectiveSilver LogGold LogBronze LogNotes
9Secure the Survey DataHeld by a tetrapod MT
10Assault the Refueling BaseUnder bridges, from laser enemies
11Eliminate V. VIINear objectives and tall structures
12Disrupt the TunnelIn a room after PCA force return
13Explore the floating cityFrom aerial enemies near a structure
14InvBy protect LCs, near fuel tanks
15DefFrom circular robots and a yellow MT
  • Mission 9: Secure the Survey Data. A Silver Log is in the possession of a tetrapod MT between the second and third logs.
  • Mission 10: Assault the Refueling Base. Logs are concealed beneath bridges and are held by laser-firing enemies.
  • Mission 11: Eliminate V. VII. Logs are safeguarded by tetrapod MTs near objectives and tall structures.
  • Mission 12: Disrupt the Tunnel. Bronze Logs are found in a room filled with adversaries upon an early PCA force return.
  • Mission 13: Explore the desolate floating city. Silver Logs are dropped by aerial enemies near a distinctive ground structure.
  • Mission 14: Invade the Ancient Spaceport. Silver Logs are awarded by protecting LCs and are near spherical fuel tanks.
  • Mission 15: Defeat the “Honest” brute. Logs are distributed by circular robots and a yellow tetrapod MT.

Chapter 4: The Depths Unveiled

MissionObjectiveLogs FoundBoss RewardDecisive ChoiceNotes
16And🗺️🛡️Logs behind doors/side rooms
17Scattered rooftop logs🏢🛡️Rewards for defeating bosses
18Decision mission🛡Unique logs
19Decision mission🛡Unique logs for mission choice
20Survey Unknown Territory🛡️Platinum/Gold Logs from bosses
21Reach Coral Convergence🌉Logs from initial enemies/bridge
  • Mission 16: Unearth logs behind doors and inside rooms post-boss battle.
  • Mission 17: Logs are scattered on rooftops and are rewards for defeating bosses.
  • Mission 18: Make a decisive choice; each mission offers unique logs upon completion.
  • Mission 19: Survey Unknown Territory. Platinum and Gold Logs are the spoils of victory against formidable bosses.
  • Mission 20: Reach the Coral Convergence. Logs are held by initial enemies and a rolling adversary on a bridge.

Chapter 5: The Final Stand

MissionObjectivePlatinum LogAdditional LogsNotes
21Def🔜Platinum Log
22Defeat “Cinder” Carla and others🔜Platinum Logs for main targets

  • Mission 21: Platinum Logs are the rewards for overcoming the main adversaries. Additional logs are forthcoming.
  • Mission 22: Stay vigilant as you navigate through the chapters, and these logs will serve as tokens of your prowess on the battlefield of Armored Core 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Benefits of Collecting Battle Logs?
Ans: Earn the ‘Combat Log Collector’ trophy and unlock new mech components by increasing Hunter Class.

Q2: Do Battle Logs contribute to the lore or story of Armored Core 6?
Ans: Players interested in the narrative aspect of the game might want to know if these logs provide backstory or context.

Q3: What happens if a player defeats a special enemy but fails to collect the Battle Log?
Clarification on the consequences of missing a log after an enemy defeat would be important for players to understand.


The Armored Core 6 Battle Logs are very important because they provide you with important information. Today, we are going to search for all the battle records in Armored Core 6. These logs are important things to gather while playing the game.

In Chapter 1, you have to find 5 pieces of wood in only 4 minutes. In this chapter, there are 8 logs that you need to find. All of the machines are not working because there was a fire. The fire was very big with flames that were orange and smoke that was black. To successfully complete this task, avoid people who dislike you and use the Assault Boost to increase your speed.

In the game, there is a book divided into parts, and each part contains Battle Logs. These logs are available in three types: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. They are very important for your progress in Armored Core 6.

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