What To Do With The Jewel Coral Lost Ark?

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Many gamers worldwide are exploring the ancient land of lost Ark, but few know what to do with the jewel coral they find on their journey, they can’t sell it, and they can’t craft anything with it, so what exactly should they do with it?

The short answer is nothing, but the long answer requires that you read the rest of this article. There are three things you can do with the jewel coral in Lost Ark, and they all involve another game called war frame.

How To Get Jewel Coral And A Turtle Companion

In Lost Ark, jewel coral can be exchanged for a turtle companion. To get jewel coral, you’ll need to find it in the wild or buy it from another player. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started: 

  • Look for jewel coral in the wild. 
  • If you can’t find any, try buying it from another player. 
  • Once you have some, take it to the jewel coral exchange NPC. 
  • You will then receive a turtle egg hatching after 24 hours. 
  • You can use this egg as your very own pet! The best part is that jewel coral is tradable so you can trade them and sell them too! 

There are also other exciting things you can do with jewel coral. For example, if you don’t want to keep the turtle but still want to make a profit, put it up for sale at auction.

It costs ten jewel coral to list an item on auction, but each listing lasts two days before disappearing.What to do with the jewel coral Lost Ark

Lost Ark Jewel Coral Vendor

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been wondering what to do with all that extra jewel coral you’ve been finding in the Lost Ark game. Well, wonder no more!

It turns out that there’s a vendor who will exchange your jewel coral for items that can be used to upgrade your gear. The jewel coral exchange lost ark vendor is located at: 

-Altar of Innocence (stone structure on the island) 

-Eternal Hall (shrine on the island) 

-Island of Refuge (small shrine on the island) 

The jewel coral exchange lost ark vendor offers the following exchanges: Jewel Coral x1 -> $20 cash, Jewel Coral x10 -> $100 cash, Jewel Coral x25 -> $250 cash.

You can also purchase green and blue recovery potions and equipment from rare+ rank. Jewel Coral x1 -> Health Potion +3, Jewel Coral x10 -> Health Potion +7.

Where To Get Jewel Coral In Lost Ark

You can get Jewel Coral by completing the main story quest line on the Continent of Mau. You’ll need to be at least level 55 to start the questline, which will take you through several different areas.

After completing the questline, you’ll be able to exchange Jewel Coral for various items, including some rare ones.

It’s possible to achieve this questline without playing the game too much: Jewel Coral is tradeable, so it’s possible to purchase it from other players or an NPC in Lost Ark’s Auction House. 

However, Jewel Coral has no use outside of the continent of Mau. Since Jewel Coral is mainly acquired by completing quests and exchanging them for other goods – like Legendary Weapons – Jewel Corals won’t have any real value outside that continent.

If you want more Jewel Corals to finish your collection, you’ll have to farm them yourself!

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How Do I Get More Jewel Corals?

You can exchange jewel corals with other players in the game by using the trade function. To do this, go to the trade menu and select the player you want to trade with. From there, choose the amount of jewel corals you want to trade and confirm the trade.

The other player will then have to accept the trade for it to go through. You can also find jewel corals in treasure chests or by completing quests.

When a quest gives you a jewel coral as a reward if you don’t need it for anything else, hold onto it because jewel corals are hard to come by.

Where Is Turtle Island Lost Ark?

You can find Turtle Island in the Lost Ark game by exchanging jewel coral. Once you have the jewel coral, go to the northwest corner of the map and see a small island.

This is where you will find the turtle icon on your map. The island is home to many turtles and is a great place to farm for their shells.

If you ever want to exchange jewel coral for anything else, return here.

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The best thing you can do is keep playing and gathering as many Jewels as possible. You can then exchange them for different items in the game. However, check the Lost Ark website for updates on what’s available.

You may also want to consider selling your Jewels on the black market. However, this could result in a ban from the Lost Ark game.

The good news is that Jewel Coral will eventually respawn at its original location once it has been exhausted. So don’t give up! Lost Ark has an exciting future ahead of it!

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