What will Watching TV be like in the 2020s?


No one of us has had any idea that the Future of TV entertainment will be so dynamic. Amidst the new technology seeping its way into this technologically advanced world, CES Tech Show in Las Vegas is intended to provide some answers regarding the most commonly asked question i.e. the future of watching TV. It seems that the future of TV and entertainment is going to progress through more and more streaming services. This readily available TV culture is going to glue all of us more with our mobile phones and other gadgets. 

Talking of CES, previously known as the Consumer Electronics Show is going to start on Sunday in Las Vegas with two days of media previews. However, CES is going to open its gates for the audience from Tuesday to Friday. 4500 companies are exhibiting in the show. And the show is expected to be attended by 170,000 people. This world-class exhibition is taking place in the midst of the sprawls of hotels and convention centers expanded in the area of almost fifty football fields. Well, several streaming services are going to be introduced in the CES. 

Let the streaming war begin:

Once gadget shows like CES were dominated with the new computers and innovative chips increasing the efficiency of machines, now they also feature TV network executives NBC and CBS. The fair will introduce mobile-focused video service Quibi and new free streamer Tubi. With so many Streaming services available in the market already there is going to be a streaming war with the missiles of astounding content and user-friendly services. These growing streaming services are certainly going to cost big time to the individuals who want to get their hands on every platform’s exclusive content. On the other hand, some companies are pushing the bite-sized video trend into the market to draw the attention of mobile viewers. 

CES lays the roadmap for Streaming Platforms: 

Previous CES shows basically set a roadmap for the streaming platforms. In CES 2015 show, Dish a satellite TV company put forward the idea of a cheaper cable-like package offering a set of TV channels solely intended for cord-cutters. Soon the idea got popularity and AT&T DIRECTV NOW, Hulu and Google also got in the same queue. All these services require high-speed internet to centers at their best. Whereas, a major proportion of the US population is still utilizing DSL internet. Many areas are dependent on satellite internet due to the absence of cable network infrastructure in those areas. Like internet provider near me mostly deal in satellite and DSL services only one provider offer cable internet service. I hope this growing technological advancement also stimulates the US government to take notice of telecom providers’ monopoly or take an initiative to deliver quality and reasonably priced internet services to the entire nation. 

On the other hand, the TV channels are also taking part in the race. Disney launched its online streaming platform in November 2019, whereas Warner Brother’s HBO Max and Peacock by NBC Universal are also launching in few months. If people are paying for Netflix subscription along with their cable packages, Disney, HBO and NBC are also testing their luck and trying to earn some money through it. 

Tech Companies are also participating in the Contest: 

Not only the TV channels, telecom providers and other private companies are also competing against the futuristic TV entertainment- tech companies are also joining the contest. Leading tech-company Apple also launched its streaming service back in November 2019 whereas Quibi is trying to target the audience sitting on their mobile phones by providing mobile-friendly TV access. Disney’s former chairman Jeffery Katzenberg is behind the efforts of delivering mobile-friendly TV viewing via Quibi. 

Quibi is going to preview its 20 new shows counting in “Chrissy’s Court” a show by Chrissy Teigen. They are also going to debut a few movies, news and weather show to keep you all entertained and posted on your mobile phones. Quibi is going to launch in April for just $5 per month. Whereas, It’s advertisement-free version will be $8 per month. 

On the other hand, NBC hasn’t revealed much about its upcoming Peacock streaming service. Instead, they are trotting out Mandy Moore’s lead of “This is us” and “America’s Got Talent’s” Terry Crews to discuss the future of TV in CES. 

Things and platforms discussed in the article clearly depict that we are going into the era of online streaming. Every streaming service will introduce its own exclusive content to gain precedence among the consumers. 

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