Your guide to creating an eBook for the first time

Your guide to creating an eBook for the first time

In the 1990s before the dotcom revolution or the internet revolution, people used to have books in their houses. Our elders used to sit on a swinging chair which usually was at the corner of a room. Reading the whole newspaper or a book all day was their favourite activity, and by this habit, the intellectual level of our elders was far more superior to our current generation.

Yes, in those days, a writer had to pass so many obstacles to get his book published. He had to go and convince many editors and printing press owners that his book is amazing and it will give a lot of profit to them and those editors were not easy to impress. But let us fast forward the time in 2020 and today many writers prefer to go for eBooks. So, how can you write an eBook? Well, there are many platforms available online, like the Designrr ebook writer. But what you have to keep in mind when you are going to write your first eBook?

Things you need to look at when you are writing your eBook:

How does it feel when you think of yourself as a writer? How will people perceive you when they will find out that you have written a book as well? How astonishing and the mind-boggling moment it will be? Can you imagine that moment? Because you are just one step away to feel all of those feelings which you are feeling right now. But for those feelings, you have to keep these things in mind:

1)      What is going to be your topic? Whenever someone jumps into content creation thing, he always wants to do a lot of things. He also gets advice from many people, and the most common advice is “write on a trending topic”. But you must not. Why? You can write on the trending topic only if you have expertise in it. For example: Nowadays amazon selling is a hot topic hence you decided to write on it. But how will you write? These things need some concrete experiences which you lack, and hence you might end up writing a non-engaging book that will fail. So always write on the topic upon which you have expertise so that you can connect with the pain points of your reader.

2)      Keep your reader profile in your mind: You cannot write an eBook for everyone. As the saying goes that you cannot please everyone hence you cannot write for everyone so have a clear reader profile in your mind. You must know what are the main pain points of your reader so that he can connect with your book and idea and hence can read it with interest. He must have to get a feeling that this book is just for me, and it can help me improve my life. So who is your reader? What are his needs? You must know about it.

3)      Have a writing plan: Many people start writing randomly and end up having nothing. I know you are motivated enough to start writing what is in your mind, but this can make a clutter of ideas and words in your mind and hence in your book too. So instead of jumping straight into the writing phase, do some brainstorming. Start writing the chapter topics first or make an index of your book first; This will allow your brain to think like a movie, and hence you will have a story running throughout your book. You know a writer needs to have clarity of his idea so that his readers can have that same clarity as well.

4)      Do not add whole value in one: What! I should not add whole value! Why? I know you are right now aggressive with this but wait and let me explain it to you. Many times when you are beginning, you think that I will give so much value to my reader that he will never need anything else again. This thinking needs to stop right now. Why? Think about it like this. If you got all that you need, why you will go to that man again? The same goes for you. If you provide whole value in one book, what are you going to do next? Because of this do not claim that it has everything that you need because this will not allow you to fall back and hence can hit your credibility. So hold your ideas for the next book and keep your first book revolve around only one idea.

5)      Never start with an introduction: This might seems silly, but yes. Never start with the introduction. The reason is that when you start with the introduction, there is a good chance that you write a lot of things in it, which will result in a prolonged introduction chapter; This is annoying for the reader. Hence start with the first main chapter and write the intro at the end. Because by this time you will know what to write in it.

6)      Think like a publisher too: When you are writing an eBook, you have already taken out the publisher factor. Now you are going to be your publisher. So you have to think about the sales pitches and all the marketing material required for your book to sell. So keep this thing in your mind as well; otherwise, your brilliant idea might remain inside your laptop alone.

So, what you need to do in the end?

I know that you want to be called the author of the bestselling book. Right? But you do not know how to start. You know, when you are an author, people perceive you as an expert in your field. So it is not an easy job to be an author as someone said: “Greater power comes with greater responsibilities.” Being an author is a responsibility so handle with care.

Now, at the end, when you are motivated to be the author of an eBook, you have to keep many things in your mind; This includes choosing your topic very carefully. You know in the 90s, it was not easy to write as it involved buying of paper. However, nowadays, people have to open the laptop, open MS Word and start writing. But this does not mean that you can write on anything. You have to select only that topic in which you are an expert in. Secondly, when you are selecting your topic, keep your reader profile in your mind because your book must answer the questions which your reader has. But do not answer all the questions at once. Plan them out. Start answering the most important question first and leave the rest for your other books. And finally, think yourself as a publisher as well because you have eliminated the publishing firm from your model. Enjoy writing your first eBook.


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