What You Need To Know About Poland Gambling Laws

Poland Gambling Laws

Many people are getting into gambling daily hence making the activity a common thing globally. It’s not only a source of income but entertainment to casino lovers. However, there are countries where gambling is under restriction to date.

That’s because of the side effects of gambling on teenagers and adults alike. Fortunately, Poland is among the countries that allow gambling among its citizens. Even though the gambling rules have been there, they enjoy the right to stake on their favourite sporting activities and even play online games.

The government has been at the forefront of creating a better gambling environment for the operators and the players. That allows them to get better revenue from the gambling industry. What is the current state in the country? We linked up with our gaming expert Jacek Michalski (view his profile) to let you know more about the gambling laws in Poland.

Have there been gambling regulations in Poland?

The presence of gambling laws in other countries will make you wonder if there have been similar laws in Poland. So, is gambling legal in Poland? The reality is that the gamblers and the operators enjoyed freedom up to the 1960s when the gambling laws got introduced.

Both the land-based and online casinos are under the government’s regulation. However, there are certain exemptions on the supervisions powers of the regulator. The gambling regulations set consequential measures for any violators.

They help in streamlining the activities in the gambling industry in Poland. The reason for the amendment of the current gambling regulations was political scandals. The casinos also came up with laws such as outfits that patrons should wear. 

What is the aim of the Polish gambling law?

To provide for specific types of regulated gambling and betting

Initially, it was not easy to know the specific types of gambling and betting because they were under no regulation. The operators enjoyed the free will of providing the players with the games and other betting services they needed.

As such, the industry was under mix up. But that did not last long. Currently, the Polish government has got specifics of the betting and gambling that every operator must consider.

To control the licensing of the casinos

The Polish gambling act has a provision on how the gambling authorities should issue gambling licenses. It specifies the requirements that every operator must meet before they obtain the gambling license. 

For instance, casinos offering ruletka online in Poland have a set of requirements that they must meet. It’s a requirement that every casino operator must have a valid gambling license to operate efficiently.

To control the gambling tax

The polish gambling industry contributes a significant amount of revenue to the government through taxes. Through it, the government has completed various projects with ease. Also, it can plan on its next projects and execute them efficiently, considering that the gambling sector is also a key contributor.

What are the specific gambling requirements established for each gambling product?


Even though Poker is known globally as a card game, there is no other definition for it even by the gambling laws in Poland. But playing poker is under regulation. If it involves cash or any other prizes, the gambling authorities become observant of it than the one that is not tied to any gift. Anyone organising Poker in Poland has to notify the authorities before going on with other critical preparations.

Sports Betting

Even though sports betting covers many things, the gambling regulations in Poland only allow two sports betting. One of them is bookmaking whole the other is Totalisator systems.

Totalisator systems is a type of betting where the participant’s stake in sporting competitions involves rewards. However, they have to guess the outcome of the competitions. Mostly the humans and animals compete.

Slot and other machine gaming

Slot machines have various definitions depending on the gambling regulations of a particular country. But according to the Polish gambling regulations, slot machine games refer to games played with the use of electromechanical, electronic devices, or mechanical means and are also conducted by the internet.

The definition signifies that many things can be undertaken under slot machines. Therefore, the gambling law provides that slot machine gaming should be only inside the casinos or the gaming parlours.

As you can see, the gambling atmosphere is majorly influenced by the gambling regulations in Poland. The government, through the gambling authorities, strictly regulates the main operations of the sector.


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