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The lock and key destiny 2 has a mysterious box quest which is an exotic quest found as a part of the armor DLC which is the first in the expansion of the second year of the game. To complete the quest, the user is required to perform certain specific steps to unlock the black armory and the box locks which ultimately take the players to the Izanagi’s burden.

How To Get the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box?

Every step of the mysterious box quest has been mentioned in brief below with an aim to provide a better understanding to the players of the game. These are-

1. Find the location of the mysterious box from the Voklundr Forge.

2. Open all the locks for the hand including the butterfly, fishhook by completing the Izanami, and the forges with the maximum possible temper while shooting the drone’s mid-battle.

3. Get the black armory key from the mold quest.

4. Kill all the leviathan watchers underbelly and then get the glimmering amethyst from the event and clear the bergenia forge with the maximum possible temper.

5. Also complete the black armory bounty and then shatter the throne dungeon to get a special Pyramidion strike.

6. The special version of the forge can let the player return to the Ada to get the Izanagi’s burden.

How To Get the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box
How To Get the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box

How To Finish The Destiny 2 Lock And Key Quest?

The player first needs to own the black armory DLC which is a part of the seasons’ pass and then go through the machine gun frame quest to return to the Ada-1 and then visit the Volundr forge.

The player needs to proceed to the forge and then set the objective on the map and follow through the given waypoints to arrive at the Smidur’s cavern. The cavern at which the player reaches has a ravine below the cliff where the user needs to jump across the forge.

If the player looks at the left of the broken bridge they wound find a ledger down and then they need to go round it from the other side. They also need to turn around and notice the cave on the opposite side.

Then they need to hide inside the cave and then the two crates come in front. Following these steps would help the player in understanding how to get Izanagi’s burden finally. The left crate is the one that the player needs to select and investigate to find the mysterious box and thus completing the quest.

Mysterious Box Locks

The box that the player finds has four different varieties of locks all of which have a different symbol inscribed on them; a hand, a butterfly, a fishhook lock, and a black armory insignia. To complete each of the mentioned forges the user has to open the locks from different forges which are mentioned below-

1. Fishhook lock which comes from the Volundr Forge.

2. The butterfly lock comes from the Izanami Forge.

3. The black armory lock opened that comes from the Bergusia Forge.

4. The hand lock is opened from the Gofannon Forge.

The player specifically needs to shoot the floating objects down between the end of the round and the end of the second round of each of the forge to earn the maximum temper. It will give the player the key as soon as it ends.

Destiny 2 Fishhook Lock

Destiny 2 Fishhook Lock
Destiny 2 Fishhook Lock

Once the boss falls the forge splits and gives out some glimmer and then the forged weapon comes. Behind the splitting of the weapon, the black armory chest also appears. The player needs to go to the chest and open it to get the fishhook key. To open the fishhook lock, the player needs to inspect the key and hold the action button to use it and then look at the fishhook lock checkbox.

Destiny 2 Butterfly Lock

Butterfly lock is one of the four locks which is a part of the black armory quest and it involves getting the required form keys from the different forges. This involves opening the chest to get an exotic weapon and this raises the question of opening up the butterfly lock.

Initially, the user has to gain access to Izanami forge and then in a long quest have to get access to the new activity after which they can start working on the Nessus forge. They need to clear the first wave of enemies and then in between the two rounds the drones will appear and it is recognized by the blue glow.

The player needs to shoot the enemies down in the maximum temper and then play the activity as usual. Once the wave is cleared, the player needs to go into the middle of the arena and get the crate and then the black armory key to mark the butterfly lock as opened.

Destiny 2 How To get Izanagi’s Burden

As the black armory got launched it led the players to understand the importance of the exotic weapons which are acquired by grinding the completions and it is the burden that is more than participating in the events. To get the Izanagi’s burden the launch of Shadowkeep has helped a lot.

The player does no longer needs to unlock each forge individually. There are several steps that the user has to follow to complete the destiny 2 Izanagi’s burden quest which is mentioned below-

Destiny 2 How To get Izanagi’s Burden

1. Getting the mysterious box which is a matter of talking to the black armory and find the annex section of the tower.

2. Locating the keys to open up the mystery box which includes the fishhook, butterfly, hand, and black armory key, All of these are achieved in four different forges, and in between these tasks the players have to fight off the enemies.

3. The black armory key is found in the Bergusia forge which is after destroyed the drones to receive the temper buff. The player can load into the Leviathan and switch in the room basement. After opening the doors via switches the player can make their way to the engine room. After completing all these steps the user can find the final key to complete the forge.

4. Unidentified frame destiny 2 is the place where the players can place all the four keys that they have earned, In doing so they will receive a mysterious description device and a datapad which will take them to the next step of the quest.

This part demands a complete in-hand black armory bounty. After turning in the bounty they receive the Obsidian crystal and then complete the shattered throne which is the event in the dreaming city.

5. After completing the above-mentioned steps the player receives the unidentified frame and then gains access to the lock and key mission which can be exchanged for the Izanagi’s burden.

Destiny 2 Gofannon Forge Key

The portion of the mysterious box quest wherein the player needs to unlock it after picking up each key will require the user to get a maximum temper buff. The location of the gonfanon forge key is to get inside and forget the Failsafe’s ship which is hard to miss.

Once the gonfanon0 forge drones are taken down the maximum temper buff can be picked up by the player and then they can find the key and the location will help them in getting the long-range gun. After the forge key is picked up, the player can tick it on the list and then look for the other required keys and then unlock the mysterious box.


Destiny 2 a free-to-play online game has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and the lock and key quest is the favorite. The lock and key destiny 2 is one of the toughest and interesting quests of the game which requires a time-consuming process. 


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