How To Complete A Little Lively Music Quest In Lost Ark

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A Little Lively Music quest is one of the main quests in the Ark Survival Evolved game, and it’s given by Roland when you talk to him. 

The mission requires you to find an ancient music score and return it to Roland at the camp near the Forge so he can repair his old phonograph.

Follow this guide, walkthrough, and tips for the Lost Ark game in order to complete this quest quickly and easily.

A Little Lovely Music Lost Ark Quest Guide

How to complete A Little Lively Music quest in Lost Ark

This guide will show you how to complete the A Little Lovely Music quest in the game Lost Ark. This quest is required for the Legend of the Pianist achievement.

To start, speak with Antonia in the music school in Arcadia. She’ll give you a sheet of music to learn. After learning the piece, return to Antonia and perform it for her. 

Finally, speak with Giorgio in the library to finish the quest. He tells you that he needs some help finding some lost musical pieces that have been written over the years. 

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You then get an invitation from him and accept it to continue your adventures. 

You’re given three choices on what instrument to play (piano, violin, or cello). 

Select whichever one you want and go through the tutorial if necessary. 

Then, click on Continue at the bottom right corner of the screen, whereupon you are transported into a mysterious world full of musical instruments. 

The goal is to find all five musical pieces lost over time before they disappear forever!

Serenade Of Love

To complete the Serenade of Love quest, you’ll need to find and talk to Katya. She’ll give you a list of items you’ll need to collect. Once you have all the items, return to her, and she’ll teach you a song.

Play the song for three different people around town and then return to Katya. You’ll receive a reward for your efforts! These quests can be completed more than once for more rewards, so don’t forget to come back every day and chat with Katya.

These are just some of the quests that will help you on your journey through Lost Ark! Keep playing and keep exploring to discover what other treasures await you. Happy Adventuring!

Song Of Temptation

You’ll need to go to the jungle and find the ruins of an ancient city. There, you’ll find a stone tablet with a riddle on it.

Once you solve the riddle, a hidden door will open up. Inside, you’ll find a treasure chest with the Song of Temptation.

Return to the Forest King with this song, and he’ll reward you with a Spirit Jewel. The spirit jewel can be equipped to any character, giving them special abilities such as healing or boosting their attack power. I was very happy when I got my hands on one of these items. 

It has been a little challenging finding all the pieces for that one armor set so I could upgrade my characters’ stats, but they are worth it!

What’s your favorite part about Lost Ark? What advice would you give to new players?

If you’re just starting, don’t be afraid to spend time looking at different systems within the game.

When you get comfortable with some features, move on to others – so much content is available!

I have found myself running out of time before bed sometimes because something interesting is happening in-game!

Song Of Harmony

How to complete A Little Lively Music quest in Lost Ark

In order to complete the A Little Lively Music quest, you must first find the music box. The music box is located near the oasis in the southwest corner of the map.

Once you have found the music box, you must play the harmony song. The song of harmony is a four-note melody that can be played on any instrument. After playing the song of harmony, you will receive a key. 

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This key will unlock the door to the next area. Sharp objects are easy enough to come by, as they are scattered all over the world. Red objects are not so easily obtained,

but if you look around the room where you found the music box, there should be a piece of cloth on top of some crates that appears red when viewed from certain angles.

Grab this, and it can be used to slice the two guard’s throats open and steal their weapons. When you encounter one of the guards,

sneak up behind them and hold down ‘E’ for a few seconds until your character slices their throat open with your new weapon.

To kill the other guard, wait for him to stand in front of one of his friends before slicing his throat open too.

Lost Ark Revelry Row Location

The A Little Lively Music quest is a daily repeatable quest given by the bard Luna in Revelry Row, the second area you’ll unlock during your adventure in Lost Ark.

To complete the quest, simply talk to Luna, and she’ll task you with finding four musical instruments scattered around Revelry Row.

The locations of the instruments are marked on your map, so just follow the waypoints, and you’ll find them all in no time. 

You’re looking for a trumpet, harp, drum kit, and guitar; they’re all relatively close together but make sure to check both sides of the street before moving on.

Once you’ve collected all four instruments, head back to Luna, who will reward you handsomely with EXP and a new skill – Song of Fortune.

The best part about this quest is that it can be completed every day, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to level up quickly and work towards unlocking more content.

Be sure to have friends when collecting the items so you can experience some good old-fashioned teamwork!


In conclusion, the A Little Lively Music quest is a great way to get some extra EXP and items in Lost Ark.

It’s a simple enough quest that anyone can do, but there are a few things you need to be aware of before you start.

With this guide, you should be able to complete the quest without any problems. Make sure your character is at least level 20, so they have enough HP for the battles.

Make sure you stock up on potions beforehand, so you don’t run out during battle. Be wary of monsters that are close to one another because their combos will drain your HP fast!

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