Lost Ark: I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands – How To Complete


Do you love to play the game the Lost Ark? It is a game that is now very famous and popular worldwide and millions of gamers are playing the same game every day.

In this game, you will get very interesting and challenging quests, which will give you exciting rewards once you complete them!

One such quest in the game Lost Ark is I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands. You have to play Lost Ark: I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands quest on an island called Alakkir which you will find on the north side of North Vern.

Alaska is classified as an adventure island. And in this article, you will know about playing and completing I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands in the game Lost Ark.

In the game Lost Ark, the adventure island Alakkir is not accessible all the time. There are specific opening and closing times of it.

You have to complete a task to be sure and add Alakkir island to the alarms so that you can know when it is opened after which you can access this island.

 lost ark i cant just sit on my hands

You have to do it because you have to complete the quest called I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands on this island only. 

To complete this quest, you have to wait until Alakkir island opens. After the island opens, you have to swarm the island with a group of people and you all have to complete the task to deliver ten Chicken Breasts after defeating the Alakkir chickens. So as you can see, it is a very easy quest to finish.

After you killed enough numbers of chickens and collected ten Chicken Breasts, you will see a little window has opened for you to complete Lost Ark: I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands quest directly and get your exciting rewards!

The Final Words

Lost Ark: I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands quest is one of the easiest quests of the game. Lost Ark is a game that is loved and played by almost every gamer in this world and the game is gaining popularity worldwide day by day.

But most gamers do not know how to complete this quest and that is why they keep searching for the solution on the internet.

This is why I wrote this article to tell them how to complete this quest. I hope you now will be able to finish this quest in the game Lost Ark. All the best! Happy gaming!

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