Some Wonderful Sid Meier’s Pirate Game Cheats To Help You Advance In The Game


We all know who Sid Meier is and we all know what he did for the ‘civilization’. Get it? well, one of the huge contributions of Sid Meier is his game sid meier’s pirate game which has become one of the most played through games of the century. It is not tough, it is not easy but it is fun to play around with. How do you do it? Well, it is no big deal because we will provide you with cheats that will help you level up easily. 

Some Sid Meier’s Pirate Cheats For Changing The Name Of The Player: 

Through using these codes you can easily change the name and the identity of the player, which means the crew of your ship. It is very easy and much fun. It will help you advance in no time. 

  • the crew is constantly at elevated feasible morale: B.Caudizzle
  • dueling invincibility: Dragon Ma
  • Diet Never Dwindles Sweet Tooth
  • Invincible in Ship Battles: Bloody Bones Baz
  • Jeff Briggs as Abbott: Firaxis
  • If you are bad at dancing but the Governor’s daughter love you always: Scooter
  • Sid Meier as Mysterious Stranger: Max Remington
  • Vigorous Dresser: Bonus Frag
  • Your fleet sails twice as fast as everyone else’s: Sprinkler

Some Sid Meier’s Pirates Trainer: 

Some Wonderful Sid Meier’s Pirate Game Cheats To Help You Advance In The Game

This is a trick for those who have started playing the game in short notice. By following the steps you will win the game. 

  1. First, you have to repair All Ships
  2. Now you have to make Easy Ship Boarding,
  3. Now change the currency by changing Gold
  4. Now Change Food and diet
  5. Now Change Luxuries
  6. Now you have to Change Goods
  7. Then you will have to Change Spice, Change Sugar
  8. Now come to the modification of arms, so Change Cannon,
  9. Change Fame.

All these modifications throughout the game will help you get through the level and help you level up. 

Few Sid Meier’s Pirates Tips: 

All these tips are very actively appreciated and tested by the exclusive players who know what they are doing. This will help you in the long run. 

  • First, you have to repair All Ships
  • Change make an easy Ship Boarding, 
  • Change Gold and the currency, 
  • Change Food usually as you do. 
  • Now Change Luxuries
  • Change Goods you use, 
  • Now change the diet by changing, Sugar, 
  • Now change the Canon, 
  • Change Fame
  • Make it Super Speed, 
  • Freeze Ingame Date for better result. 

With this, you will get a few tips to make it more interesting and make your position in the game more reliable. 

  • You will have to edit all the foods, luxuries, sugar, canons to help yourself sustain more. 
  • All these cheat codes would only depend on the version you are using. 

Some Sid Meier’s Pirates Cheat No Aging: 

By using these cheat codes you will not age and will live and continue to tell the tale, that is in the game. Now let us proceed. 

  • The way you at your game will decide how good you are at playing the game. So first you have to decide what strategy you will use. 
  • First, you will have to search for the medicinal herbs in the will help you advance your aging skill. 
  • Now if you are stranded on an island then you have to do the following. 
  • You will have to distribute the plunder among your crew and yourself. 
  • The imprisonment that came from being marooned will make you live longer. 

How To Sid Meier’s Pirates Live A Life Following Easy Steps?

All the easy sid meier’s pirates walkthrough will only help you live the life like a pirate on your PC. It will not only make it more interesting and help you advance but will surely keep you hooked. 

  • Sword fighting: When you have begun the game and you are just a novice, the easy way to engage in the sword fight is to slow down and not attack forwardly. It will not help. You have to be quick at this period and struck when you see the time. But as you advance, so does your character ages, at that time you have to engage strategically so use grape-shot on the opposite crew. You can also attack the mid-level and block the attacks by using some tricks through the sword. 
  • Double shot: Whenever you are choosing ammo type, always select the chain balls. Then directly after firing the ammo, you should click round balls and you will fire both of this ammo altogether to have a great effect on the enemy. 
  • How to achieve rank: 

First, you have to Simply attack a town with a strategic plan and defeat all of the enemy’s soldiers, then you will have to place a governor in charge in that town and then make a visit to him so that you can be easily promoted. Then abandon the town. Do not appear but make an assault on it again and introduce a new governor to the city. 

Some Wonderful Sid Meier’s Pirate Game Cheats To Help You Advance In The Game

This will have the impact of bringing about a nation that is happy which will promote you up a level. Simply keep repeating the process until you become a Duke in every nation. It will increase the amount of land you own. make sure you have enough troops to make an assault with in order to expand. 

Some Sid Meier’s Pirates Ships: 

  • Get Gold
  • Unlock the Age Lock
  • Make Ship Modifications
  • Teleport options and many other options.

Beast Trainer v0.3. +64 options.

  • Make Sail Repair
  • Make the Hull Repair
  •  Add Resources/Crew. 
  • You will get 10 options for +25 options.


All these are the best way of advancing and all these have been provided by sid meier’s pirates save game editor. So you know that you are going to win. Games are fun but to extract them on an intimate level can be done by applying cheats.

Sid Meier’s Pirate Game CheatsDiscussion
Some Sid Meier’s Pirate Cheats For Changing The Name Of The PlayerThe discussion has many methods that you can use. Please read the above. 
Some Sid Meier’s Pirates TrainerAll these trainers’ cheats are easy to use and would help you level up. To know it all, please read the above. 
Few Sid Meier’s Pirates TipsAll these cheats are a must to level up. For more info read above. 
Some Sid Meier’s Pirates Cheat No AgingBy applying this cheat, you will learn how to age slowly in the game. To learn the tricks, read above. 
How To Sid Meier’s Pirates Live A Life Following Easy Steps?The life of a pirate is a very adventurous one if you knew how to live like one. So to live a life like a pirate, read and apply the following instructions that are written above. 
Some Sid Meier’s Pirates ShipsAll the steps that are written above will help you mend your ships beautifully. 

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