Mordhau Hacks Console Commands (Update 2023)


Mordhau is a medieval hack-fighting and slashing game that can be played in a multiplayer format. As the popularity of the game is increasing with time the users have started to ask more questions related to the functioning and features of the game like “How do you spawn Mordhau bots”. MORDHAU HACKS

Do Mordhau Cheats And Mordhau Hacks Exist?

The system cheats have recently published a mordhau cheat feature that offers all the basic cheats that satisfy the chivalric needs. The cheats include seeing people through walls and catching them off guard with the help of Wallback and ESP. Landing the aimed shots easily and blocking the enemies’ attack with the Auto blocking mode.

What Are The Console Commands In Mordhau?

Many useful console commands can be used to manage the server and the player can enable the console to enter all the console commands. If the user wants the mordhau console commands to work, they need to be the administrator of the server. To become the administrator, one can host a local match and the teams allow the admin to influence the aspects of the game.

The features of enabling the mordhau console include changing the size of the character, adding new bots, and slowing downtime. All the console commands need to be entered into the game console and it is switched by pressing the tilde key. Some of the most common commands in mordhau are-

1. add bots- these help in adding bots to the game. X in the command is equal to the number of bots.

2. ban- when a player’s name is typed along with the command, this can help in banning the player with the help of the server.

3. kick- Another very common question that the players of the game ask is “How to kick in mordhau” and this can be done through the console command and typing kick along with the player they intend to kick out.

4. Slomox- This command changes the speed of the game according to the requirement of the user.

5. change level- It helps in changing the current map to the one which is typed and specified by the player.

Which Are The Admin And Server Commands In Mordhau?

To answer another very frequently observed question by the users of the game solution is to press either the ‘or the End hotkeys. A text box appears in which the command can be typed and afterward hit enter. To use all these cheat features, one needs to log in to the administrator otherwise the commands won’t function. The Mordhau admin commands include-

1. administer//- This command lists down all the current admins in the game.

2. removeadmin<STEAMID64>- This command helps to remove the specified admin from the game.

3. adminlogin<passowrd>- Any other admin command can only be performed after this command has been typed and entered into the system.

4. exit//- In the Mordhau game, this command helps to exit the entire game program at once.

5. demorec name- Through this command, the user can record a demo version of the game. This is done to understand the features of the game before starting to play it.

6. admin add <STEAMID64> – use this to add a new admin to that adminlist.

7. change level <map name> – can be used to change the map.

8. Restart level  restart play on the current map you’re on.

9. add bots <integer>  adds more desired bots to your play session.

10. remove bots <integer>  handy if you’ve added too much.

11. kick <user name / steamid64> – you guessed it, kicks whoever you nominate.

12. ban <user name / steamid64) – not content to kick someone? This one bans them entirely.

13. unban <user name / steamid64) – we’ve all made mistakes, use this to unban someone.

14. ban list – lists banned players – this one is useful for keeping track of everyone you’ve banned.

15. disconnect – use this to disconnect from the server.

16. demorec name – a command for starting a recording demo.

17. demostop – use this to stop the demo recording.

18. demo play – plays the demo back.

19. Stat FPS – displays the FPS counter.

20. slomo <value> – slows play down – for example, slomo .5 will get you 50% speed, and slomo 2 will get you 200% speed.

21. slomo x – chuck a number after this one and it will change the speed of the game (slomo 2 for double speed, and slomo .5 for half speed).

22. players only – freezes all the bots, but lets you keep walking around – can only be used in single-player.

23. change size x  another single-player-only command, this one changes the size of your character.

24. m.showcrosshair 0 – disables crosshair and needs to be typed again after the game relaunch.

25. m.inverseattackdirection 1 – inverts your required attack direction (default is moving toward a windup direction for an attack, and command make it so you can just move the mouse in the direction of your attack).

Many other admin commands can be used in the game and are available online. The only basic requirement to use any of the commands is to log in as an administrator. The Mordhau server commands are-

1. Slomox- This command can be used to change the speed of the game. Any integral value can be assigned to x as per the user requirement and this changes the speed. It is useful for practicing the drags against the bots and it won’t work in a multiplayer format.

2. ChangeSizex- This is also a single-player feature and changes the size of the character. The size can be assigned to any number that is 100 and can be put at half height.

3. slomo<value>- This command helps the user to be added as an admin and will get 50 percent speed. Slomo 2 will get 200 percent speed.

4. PlayersOnly– This command helps in freezing all the bots often called “mordhau freezing” but also lets the users walk around. This is a toggle button and can be entered to unfreeze everyone in the game. This is a single-player game.

5. minverseattackdirection 1- This command is preferable for any user that wants to invert their required attack. The default of this command is to move for an attack and it makes it so that the mouse can be moved in any direction.

What Are The Mordhau Controls?

The game has been given Full Controller support. These controls are customizable and can be used as an alternative setup and are created by key bindings. The upper strike has a bindable fixed angle and the right strike the left upper strike and the left strike.

How To Vote Kick Players In The Game?

When the keybinding is done, the player can boot a player and then can tap the console key, and then the name of the player can be typed that they want to kick.  Another question asked by the user “mordhau how to vote kick” can be done using the above-mentioned commands.

Mordhau Fov Console Command

Now, it’s important to note that while using the FOV console command doesn’t necessarily break the game, it’s still important to use it properly. Always be aware of and respectful of any regulations that specific servers or communities may have about the use of particular commands.

So, warriors, get out there and experiment with the FOV console command in Mordhau. Accept the wider field of view and use it to your advantage to dominate the virtual battlefields like never before. Happy gaming and keep those swords sharp! I’ll see you on the front lines.


Modharu as a game is gaining widespread popularity and that is the reason why people are looking for cheat codes for better performance in the game. Many websites have started publishing the cheat codes of the game and these can be used easily.

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