The latest trends and innovations in the gaming industry


The last couple of years have truly defined gaming for what it truly is; a lifestyle. Long gone are the days when gaming was seen as just a side activity, having no role in shaping the major industries of tomorrow. But not anymore! Gaming has injected itself into the veins of global corporations and emerged as a force to be reckoned with because of the vast amount of avenues it has opened for us. The likes of virtual reality, psychological development, and using game mechanics to build automation, cars, and contraptions are all now neatly packaged within the booming game empire.

We’re going to go ahead and list down all that the gaming industry has got stored in its bag full of goodies for the year 2023 and beyond but before we do so, it’d be in your best interest to equip yourself with an internet connection that helps you stay up to date with all the news on gaming.

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Now, without further ado, let’s check out all the hot trends ready to propel gamers and tech enthusiasts into the next generation!

AR and VR Gaming

Virtual reality is a really hot topic these days. With the advent of technology that can help us sit in one place and still visit another, there really is no limit to what this means for professionals, gamers, and tweens. The possibilities & utilities are endless. VR has a lot of things going for it right now. The newest player to take a dabble with it is Apple, who with its Vision Pro VR headset has promised to shift and distort reality for people forever.

Augmented Reality or AR has been around for a while but it gained its due prominence when Pokémon Go came out during COVID. Intentionally or unintentionally, this helped the makers of this app propel their sales, marketing and motivate players to get up and move about to increase their progression inside the game. Now, taking notes from Pokémon Go, which is still running, albeit at a slower pace, developers have come up with apps that can make use of AR to provide an edge in education, engineering and even cooking. It’s all about distorting reality and bringing to people what is otherwise inaccessible to them.

Cross Platform Gaming

There was a speck in time when competition among big game firms got so bad that they resorted to restricting their players to their respective consoles/systems. This meant that PlayStation users couldn’t play with Xbox or PC users for quite a long time and vice versa. Players were left frustrated as they couldn’t collaborate with their mates on common games. Thankfully, Sony and the rest have come to realize that they have much to gain if they can bridge the gap for players; helping attract a considerable amount of traffic and revenue in the process.

Fitness Gaming

Another positive impact that the post covid era brought upon us is fitness. Staying or striving to be fit is now a top priority for many young adults and even aged people. Fitness means stepping over a lot of common diseases and this even makes one feel good about themselves. Game developers nod to this school of thought by pushing out fitness games that incorporate working out with the entertainment of gaming.

Take Zombie Run! For example. The game has an AR system in place that basically takes data from the user’s map and encourages them to run all while informing them how dangerously close they are to a zombie horde trying to take them down. The more the user runs, stays consistent, or achieves milestones, the more in-game benefits they get. All this while they are getting fit as well. Fun!


That’s all we have for you pertaining to the latest trends and innovations in the gaming industry. There’s admittedly still a lot more incoming and we’d advise you to stay tuned with us for juicy updates on what’s cooking. For now, though, the possible future has a ton of AR, and VR augments set in place, and you’d do yourself a favor by hopping aboard the trend train before it leaves the station. Gaming is going nowhere anytime soon and from the looks of it, is only cementing its position in world-leading trends the more time goes on

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