Which Naruto Character Had The Highest Kill Count? [Updated 2023]

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Want to know who has the most kills in Naruto? Then you must be familiar with the name Kaguya. When compared to the number of people killed by Kaguya, the entire army of 100k white Zetsu soldiers who fought in the 4th Great Ninja War was nothing. She killed so many enemies while she was alive that you can’t even count them. This made her the character with the most kills in Naruto.

There are many people who will vote for Madara if you ask them who has the most kills in Naruto. Surely Madara has thousands of kills, but not as many as Kaguya has.

And after knowing about Kaguya, if you are now curious to know more about other famous characters and their number of kills in Naruto, you have to read the full article, because below I have mentioned each and every detail that will enrich your knowledge about the anime series Naruto and its most dangerous characters.

So, let’s start!


Naruto is the protagonist of the anime series. But shockingly, this character has killed only one character in the entire storyline. Yes, it is shocking indeed, but true. Naruto killed Yura only, who was a 5th Kazekage Gaara as well as a sand Shinobi.

But this too is not accepted by all. There are many people who say that when Naruto hit Yura using his Rasengan, Yura has already died by that time.

But there is definitely no doubt that Naruto is one of the strongest shinobi, if not the strongest, and is a great fighter.


Sasuke, who is the foremost rival of Naruto, has at least 2 kills in the series that are confirmed and universally accepted. Sasuke has killed Orochimaru and White Zetsu. Orochimaru was later revived later after Sasuke killed the character.

But that does not mean that Sasuke has only 2 kills. He has more kills on his list. He killed a few samurai from the Land of Iron. but how many samurai he killed is not known yet.


Madara is one of the characters who has numerous kills on his kill list. He killed even more than ten thousand people in the series Naruto. Some sources say that Madara killed even more than fifteen to twenty thousand shinobi. Actually, he killed so many people that you will not be able to count individually and figure out a proper number.


Jiraiya is an important character in the series Naruto, though he has killed only 3 people, he forced Nagato in order to bring the six paths of pain. And Jiraiya is one of the very few characters in Konoha who are on the Kage level. 


Gaara is a scary character in the series Naruto. His family members were also afraid of him. He even tried to kill Sasuke. He does not get married even once but adopted a son named Shinki. He made Rock Lee severely injured, left Sakura defenseless, threatened to kill the Team 8 of Konoha, and killed 2 Chunin and an entire Genin team.


This is one the rarest characters of the series Naruto about whose kills you can be very definite. I can tell you that Kakashi Hatake has killed exactly 5 people.

Those are –

1. Rin.

2. Kigiri.

3. Kakuzu.

4. Kakko.

5. Haku.

Rock Lee

Rock Less is such a character who has had the highest of highs as well as the lowest of lows. He won several fights with his amazing abilities, and he lost several fights too. And it was because of this that he became so attached to Naruto fans.

The Final Words

So this was all about who has the most kills in Naruto. But always remembers that there are several characters who have so many kills that one is not able to count. But generally, people will take Kaguya or Madara’s name if you ask them about having the most kills in the anime series Naruto.

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