Midnight Carp – Stardew: Catching Fish, Pond, And Way More

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Gamers in Stardew Valley keep fishing even after the sunset, because this gives them some extra profit. And there is a wonderful sea creature called Midnight Carp or M. C. These creatures enjoy their time when the sun is down. And here in this article, I am going to tell you about this amazing fish, how you can catch this fish, and how you can use them in your game.

All Stardew Valley farmers and nighttime fishers are invited! As we set off on a wonderful trip in the glittering moonlight, get your fishing gear ready and put on your cosiest pair of boots. Tonight, we’ll be concentrating on the mysterious and alluring creature known as the Midnight Carp. This nocturnal fish is the stuff of tales among fishing enthusiasts due to its elusiveness and fabled size.

But do not worry; I, your dependable Stardew guide, will explain the keys to accessing its aquatic zone. Armed with perseverance and a touch of luck, we’ll explore Stardew Valley’s remotest areas as we learn the craft of angling and open the door to the Midnight Carp’s refuge. The starry waves will lead the way for us as

The Midnight Carp in Stardew is a very special fish that can give you some amazing profits in your game. But before knowing how you can catch this fish and make profit out of it, you need to know what this fish is.

Learn About The Midnight Carp – Stardew 

Midnight Carp Stardew

The Midnight Carp in Stardew Valley is a shy kind of fish that you can notice only when the sun is down and it is the time of midnight. The growth range of this fish is around 12 to 53 inches, the difficulty and the behavior score is 55, and this is a mixed score. Below I am giving you a chart so that you can understand the restoration effects of this fish called Midnight Carp.

Normal +50+22
Silver +70+31

If you carefully look at the chart above, you will understand how profitable Stardew Valley Midnight Carp is.

 Where To Catch A Midnight Carp?

Here I shall tell you about where to find Carp in Stardew Valley.

If you use a Magic Bait to catch the Stardew Midnight Carp,  you can lure this fish no matter what season, weather, or time it is. But a Magic Bait is very expensive to make. So, it is better to stick to the old-fashioned processes if you do not want to spend extra bucks. Below I have given a table where you can see where you can find this profitable fish in Stardew Valley.

Stardew: Midnight Carp – Location, Season, Weather, & Time

Midnight Carp Stardew

Cindersap Forest PondFallWinterAny10 pm – 2 am
Non-Standard Farm Maps (Forests, Four Corners, Riverland, and WildernessFallWinterAny10 pm – 2 am
Mountain LakeFall Winter Any 10 pm – 2 am
Ginger Island(West and North)Fall Winter Any10 pm – 2 am

Fish Pond

The fish named Midnight Carp in Stardew Valley reproduces in every four days. This is a bit longer time if you compare with other low-selling fishes. It keeps reproducing till the limit of the pond is not reached.

Required Items

This fish comes among the easiest ones to maintain for every seasoned Stardew Valley player. But there are a few required items that are available only from geodes. I have given a table below from where you can get an idea about the material that you will need to expand the capacity.

Initial CapacityItem Required Fishing XP Improved Capacity
Three Bug Meat [10]Green Algae [2-3]Clay [2-3]Slime [5]+40Five
FiveEarth Crystal [1-2]Common Mushroom [2-3]Limestone [1]+40Seven
SevenSnail [1]Mudstone [1]Wild Bait [5]+40Ten

Selling Prices

Midnight Carp always sells higher, though it has a low fishing behavior and fishing difficulty. But, the issue is, the effort you have to give to maintain the fish pond is much higher.  The Midnight Carp’s eggs are also available as Aged Roe. you have to load them into those preserves jars. Below I have given a table to make you understand the selling value of this valuable fish.

QualitySelling PriceWith AnglerWith FisherRoeAged RoeWith Artisan


M.C. sells more decently than Sunfish, Herring, or Smallmouth Bass. but if your target is to turn your 150 grams into a Quality Fertilizer, then you should follow the following recipe.

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Quality FertilizerLevel 8 FarmingMidnight Carp [1]Sap [2]


Apart from other common dishes in the game Stardew Valley, you can make s Seafoam Pudding too. This one is probably the fishing item with most potential. Though this one has a quite low selling value, the primary advantage of this is cooking.

RecipeIngredientsEnergyEnergy with QSHealthHealth with QSBuff + DurationBuff + Duration with QSSelling PriceSelling Price with QSRecipe Source
Maki Roll• Midnight Carp (1)• Rice (1)• Seaweed (1)+100+180+45+81  220g330g• Tuning into the Queen of Sauce on 21st summer of the 1st year• Stardrop Saloon permanent stock for 300g
Sashimi• Midnight Carp (1)+75+135+33+60  75g112g• when you rach a three-heart friendship with Linus
Seafoam Pudding• Flounder (1)• Midnight Carp (1)• Squid Ink (1)+175+315+78+141+4 Fishing (3:30 mins)+5 Fishing (5:15 mins)300g450g• Level 9 Fishing


Though you are not allowed to create some useful things at the spool of your sewing machine, you can always turn the material into a purple dye at Dye Pots. but if you think about making profit, throwing it into the Shipping Bin or using it as a cooking ingredient would be more profitable.


Some Characters like Elliot, Linus, Demetrius, Leo, Sebastian, Willy, and Pam will feel neutral if they get this fish as a gift. Evelyn, Pierre, and Haley will even hate you if you give them this fish as a gift. And if you talk about other villagers, they will also not be happy to receive this fish as a gift.


You can play the following two quests also where the Midnight Carp is involved. The first one is Help Wanted at Pierre’s General Store, where you can give 450g and 150 friendship points.  The second one is Aquatic Overpopulation, where you can deliver to Demetrius a Farm Computer recipe and the order of ten pieces for the same market value.


The Community Center does not require the Midnight Carp, so do not get worried about consuming it on even the most important locations in Stardew Valley. You should stick to the Seafoam Pudding for the selling purpose.

Stardew Valley: How To Catch Midnight Carp

You know what you need to catch M.C. you can only catch the fish at midnight. You can use a fiberglass rod to catch the fish, but an Iridium rod will do better in this job. 

Easy Way To Catch Midnight Carp In Stardew Valley

To catch the Midnight Carp, use the bait Seafoam Pudding and use an Iridium Rod as the fishing stick. You can use a Cork Bobber to increase the size of your fishing rod. But there are other ways to catch the Midnight Carp too. Those are –

  • Use the Magic bait and catch the fish from any location.
  • Collect it from a traveling merchant.
  • If you are lucky enough, you can get it from trash too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why can’t I catch a Midnight Carp stardew?
Ans. If you are trying to catch the fish at a time other than midnight, then you cannot be able to catch it. You can catch this fish only at the time of midnight.

Q2. Is it hard to catch carp when spawning?
Ans. No, you can catch the M.C. when it is spawning. They spawn because of the unusual changes in the water temperature and the unusual changes in the environment. But it does not make the process of catching the fish harder.

Q3. Where is the best place to catch Midnight Carp in Stardew Valley?
Ans. You can find the fish Midnight Carp in North and West Ginger Island, Mountain Lake, and Cindersap Forest Pond.

Q4. How do I get Midnight Carp in Stardew Valley?
Ans. You can use the Seafoam Pudding as bait, an Iridium rod as the fishing stick, and a cork bobber to change the size of the stick to catch the fish. Remember that you can catch the fish only at midnight. Or you can use the Magic Bait and catch it from anywhere at any time.

The Final Words

If you cannot use the Magic bait, use the Seafoam Pudding as bait, an Iridium rod as the fishing stick, and a cork bobber to manage the stick to catch the M.C. but you have to wait till midnight, because you cannot catch the fish at any other time.

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