Where To Find Celestial Dew In Elden Ring (Updated 2023)

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If you want to know what is Celestial Dew, let me tell you that Celestial Dew is a rare mineral that was discovered in Elden Ring, where stories are created amidst a tapestry of celestial wonders, brave warriors and brave souls! Today, we focus on the ethereal Celestial Dew, a phenomena that has captured the attention of both explorers and lore-seekers.

This priceless elixir has the ability to enliven our souls and bestow upon us remarkable talents, like drops of celestial magic distilled from the skies. We will set out on a perilous mission to find the secret origins of this exotic nectar as we go through the majestic regions of Elden Ring, where darkness and light intertwine.

We’ll delve into the darkest corners of the Elden Ring universe to explore the secrets that lay beyond the veil through dangerous combat and puzzling puzzles. Guided But many gamers do not know where to get this super effective mineral called Celestial Dew, and they often come online searching for this. And that is why I am writing this article to tell you how you can get Celestial Dew in Elden Ring.

The quest for this item is fairly simple and can be started by talking to any NPCs located around the town of Elden Ring. If you have successfully completed this side quest, then you’re now ready to purchase Celestial Dew from the shop in Elden Ring.

Let me give you more detailed information on Celestial Dew of the game Elden Ring.

So, let’s start!

Do You Know What Celestial Dew Does?

Celestial Dew Elden Ring

Celestial Dew is a rare mineral that you can discover in Elden Ring, a region in Star Ocean 5. It can be used to increase damage output and health, as well as defense. You can use this consumable item in order to revive the friendly NPCs too.

As per the game, Celestial Dew is nothing but a hidden tear that you can find in the Eternal City. it is known as the Night Tear too. It helps the players to become able to achieve maximum efficiency at the time fighting the monsters by giving them a buff that increases the rate at which they deal damage.

Basically, Celestial Dew is such an item that helps in increasing the rate of dealing damage. Not only that, it helps in increasing the attack power of your weapon. And this, overall, affects your damage output.

Apart from these two main good parts, Celestial Dew also gives players a buff that helps increase the accuracy of attack when they fight against the monsters.

And these all things altogether allow you to deal more damage than you usually can and still have more than enough time left as well so that you can dodge the attacks of the monsters or cast spells in an emergency. And as a result of all these, you can stay alive for a longer period of time!

How To Use Celestial Dew

Celestial Dew Elden Ring

If you want to acquire celestial dew, it is crucial to note that celestial dew will not be available in the game until you complete the side quest called ‘The Stellar Thief’. 

If you want to get celestial dew, you need to go to the Church of Vows first. The Church of Vows is located on the east of a big swampy area in the Liurnia of Lakes region.

Or you can simply reach there using the portal at Raya Lucaria Academy. Access this portal from the site of the Grace of the Debate parlor. Once you go there, keep heading outside to the courtyard until you see a long row of staircases.

Take the staircases avoiding the big steel ball and keep moving unless you reach the top of a building. Then, get into the lobby of the building and again take a right to find a portal. This portal will take you to the Church of Vows directly.

You will see a big turtle named Miriel in the Church of Vow. next, talk to Pastor Vow and go to the basin nearby the church to use the celestial dew.

The celestial dew is one of the rare items found in the Lands Between. And as the game bombards you with all kinds of items while you are playing the game, it could be very easy to miss. So please note that about 10 Celestial Dews are scattered across the world map of Elden Ring, and you can find most of them in underground regions like Nokron Eternal City or Ainsel River.

There are a few names of the places below where you can get the celestial dew easily.

1. Academy of Raya – Lucaria

You can loot celestial dew from a dead body that you will find next to the gate on the other side of the teleporting gate in the south.

2. Uhi Palace Ruins

Get another celestial dew from a corpse that is hanging from a ledge in the ruins of the Uhi palace in the Ainsel River.

3. Nokron Eternal City

Get another celestial dew from the mimic tear boss fights area of the Nokron Eternal City.

There is another way of getting the celestial dew. And that is, completing The Stellar Thief quest. But you have to be at level 20+ to play this quest, and you will only be able to buy celestial dew from stores once you complete the quest.

When you start talking to any NPCs located around the town of Elden Ring, the quest begins right there. Though you will have to complete all the side quests if you want to get the celestial dew, it is crucial to start this very first quest as soon as possible. Because only then you can buy more than one bottle and sell them for a profit later on.

The quest is relatively easy to complete and only requires you to find one special item within a few minutes of playing. The quest starts when you enter the dungeon and talk to Elden, who will tell you that he has been having strange dreams about being in another world. He asks for your help finding what could be causing this dream state.

After talking with him, go through all four doors on both sides of the room (left and right). You’ll come across three chests with random items inside them: one containing a Celestial Dew ring; another containing an Elden Ring; and another chest containing some gold coins.

If you have successfully completed this side quest, then you’re now ready to purchase Celestial Dew from the shop in Elden Ring. You’ll need to be level 20+ to purchase it.

Using Celestial Dew will greatly increase your character’s damage output against monsters Celestial Dew is a ring that increases your character’s damage output against monsters by 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30%.

You can use Celestial Dew to increase your damage against monsters by more than 80%! Of course, this will only work if you have the required level to equip the item.

How To Get Celestial Dew In Elden Ring

To gain Elysian Dew in Elden Ring, you need to master Elysian adversaries or heads throughout the game. These adversaries or heads may drop Elysian Dew as a rare item upon their defeat. Keep exploring the game world, engaging in battles, and defeating these Elysian foes to increase your chances of carrying Celestial Dew.


Celestial Dew is an incredibly powerful item for players who want to optimize their character’s damage output against monsters. It can be acquired from various places or can be purchased from the shop in Elden Ring after completing the side quest ‘The Stellar Thief’, which is relatively easy to complete but requires you to find one special item within a few minutes.

And I hope after reading this article, you have understood both ways very well. So, all the best! Happy gaming!

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