How Many Characters Died In Naruto?


Undoubtedly, the anime series Naruto is currently one of the most popular shows around the world. Not only because it has an amazing storyline but also because it portrays the tragic deaths of some most loved characters. So, who died in Naruto? Being Naruto fans, we have witnessed so many tragic deaths of some popular characters such as Itachi Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Jiraiya (Pervy Sage), Neji Hyuga, Nagato Uzumaki, Zabuza Momochi, Haku, etc. 

Now, the death of these characters made Naruto fans very disappointed. But, we must not forget that death is an inevitable part of life, and Naruto is a series that is never afraid of killing its most loved characters. On the other hand, the death of these major characters makes the storyline more intense than ever. 

So, today, in this article, I am going to discuss the characters who died in Naruto. Keep reading to know more. 

Most Tragic Deaths In Naruto Series

1. Jiraiya (Pervy Sage)

Jiraiya (Pervy Sage)

The death of Jiraiya (Pervy Sage) is considered one of the gravest and saddest deaths in the Naruto series. Jiraiya was both a mentor and a friend to Naruto Uzumaki. The character of Jiraiya is portrayed in such a way in the Naruto series that he seems like a true friend even to the audience. He was the 3rd Hokage of the village, Konoha, and was known as Toad Sage. Naruto called him Pervy Sage as Jiraiya was very much obsessed with women. 

Although Jiraiya was considered a powerful ninja, he could not fight against Pain, the leader of Akatsuki. During his battle against Pain, Pain destroyed the larynx of Jiraiya and his men stabbed him with their wooden spears. Jiraiya, at first, passed out, but, he made himself awake later because he wanted to send a coded message through his toad. Then, Pain attacked him again along with his men. As a result, Jiraiya died, drowning in the lake. 

2. Itachi Uchiha

The list of tragic deaths in the Naruto series would not be completed without mentioning Itachi Uchiha. He was a prominent member of the criminal gang, Akatsuki. Also, he was the elder brother of Sasuke Uchiha. It was Itachi Uchiha who killed his entire clan, including his parents. However, Itachi spared the life of Sasuke because he wanted his younger brother to become very strong. But, Sasuke Uchiha had no idea about this. 

It was Sasuke who ultimately killed Itachi Uchiha. After the death of Itachi Uchiha, it started raining. Millions of Naruto fans have said that the death of Itachi Uchiha is one of the most tragic deaths in the Naruto series. When Sasuke found out the truth about his elder brother, Itachi’s death became more intense than ever. 

3. Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga

In the anime series, Naruto, Neji Hyuga was considered a prodigy. He was from the Hyuga clan in the Konoha village. Neji Hyuga was able to do taijutsu. At first, Neji Hyuga believed that he could only serve his house. But, his [ers[ective changed completely when he met Naruto. Naruto made him believe that Neji could live a completely different life.

Neji Hyuga was about to help Naruto in his combat against Ten-Tails. When Ten-Tails attacked Naruto with his wooden projectiles, Hinata and Neji wanted to save Naruto. During this process, Neji Hyuga got impaled by wood and died. He took his last breath in the arms of Naruto. Naruto burst into tears when Neji Hyuga died.  

4. Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha is one of those characters in the Naruto series who was a villain at first. But, he turned into a hero before his death in the story. Many Naruto fans believed that Obito Uchiha died during the 3rd Shinobi World War. Naruto Uzumaki persuaded him because he wanted to amend his outlook on bringing peace to the world. Also, Obito Uchiha cut off an attack as he wanted to save Kakashi Hatake.

A young version of Obito Uchiha met Rin in the space between life and death after his death. Rin wanted Obito to go to the roads leading to the afterlife. But, Obito wanted to help Kakashi Hatake and give him his chakra. So, he told Rin to wait a little longer.  

5. Zabuza Momochi And Haku

Zabuza Momochi And Haku

Zabuza Momochi and Haku are two antagonists of the Naruto series. They are two ninjas who abandoned their villages. Zabuza rescued orphan Haku and trained him in his later life. After that, the two became best friends. During the 4th Shinobi World War, Haku died as he wanted to save Zabuza from Kakashi’s attack with the lightning cutter. 

Haku’s death made Zabuza full of revenge. Zabuza, now, desperately wanted to avenge the death of his best friend, Haku. In the later episodes of the series, Zabuza was stabbed by Gato’s men. Before his death, Zabuba requested Kakashi to take him to Haku’s body. Zabuza and Haku are considered the first villains of the Naruto series and they set a high standard for the future villains of this series. 

6. Nagato Uzumaki

Nagato Uzumaki

Nagato Uzumaki died in episode number 174 of the Naruto series. At the beginning of the Naruto series, Nagato Uzumaki is considered a villain or an antagonist. He was at first under the alliance of Pain, one of the most powerful leaders of Akatsuki. Many believed that Naruto Uzumaki killed Nagato. But, this was not true. Nagato Uzumaki sacrificed his life to resurrect all the people in the Konoha village he killed earlier. 

Final Thoughts

Apart from these major characters, there are other characters as well who died in the Naruto series. However, the death of these characters that I have discussed in the article is considered the most tragic incident. Naruto fans are quite disappointed to see these characters die in the series. they were loved by all. That is why the death of these characters makes the storyline more intense than ever. 

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