Minecraft: How To Make A Splash Potion Of Weakness

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In Minecraft, you’ll need a brewing stand, flame powder, a water bottle, Gunpowder, and fermented spider eye to prepare a splash potion of weakness.

First, lay the brewing stand on the ground and add the flame powder to the fuel slot. A water bottle should then be placed in one of the three bottle spaces, and fermented spider eye should be placed in the ingredient position. You can get a splash potion of weakness if you wait for the brewing procedure to be finished.

Now that you have the potion, you can use it to heal zombie villagers or weaken opponents during combat. Just fling the potion at your intended target to temporarily weaken them. It is an effective tool that can change the course of a hard struggle, so make sure to have a few on hand in case of an emergency.

For Example, there is a potion called weakness that you can make on your own and use to lessen the attack power of adversaries. A splash potion of weakness can be used by launching it into the crowd like a missile.

How To Make A Weakness Potion In Minecraft

Brewing a Weakness Potion is fairly simpler than brewing all the other potions that required a variety of different ingredients. The first thing you’ll need to craft is the Splash Potion of Weakness is Potion of Weakness. The following items are required to craft the Potion of Weakness.

  • Brewing Stand
  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • Gunpowder
  • Blaze Powder
  • Water Bottle
  • Crafting table

How To Gather The Required Material For Splash Potion Of Weakness

Brewing Stand
Brewing Stand

Brewing Stand is like a crafting table for potions. To craft, a brewing stands the players need to have a blaze rod which could be obtained by defeating the blaze.

A blaze in the Nether Fort and 3 cobblestones which could be obtained through mining in the overworld. The player must also have a crafting table in their inventory by using a blaze rod and

To create a brewing stand the player must place a crafting table in the overworld and right-click on it to open the crafting menu. You can find it also in the village by yourself by using a blaze rod and cobblestones.

Once the crafting menu is open the player must place 3 cobblestones on the middle row and upper row middle column, once the arrangement is right the player would have the ability to click on the brewing stand and place it in their inventory.

Fermented Spider Eye
Fermented Spider Eye

Fermented Spider Eye is the only ingredient that is required to brew a potion of Weakness. Fermented Spider Eye could be obtained from Spider Eye, Brown Mushroom, and Sugar.

The player should be equipped with a crafting table in their inventory to craft a fermented Spider Eye.

To craft a Fermented Spider Eye the Player must place a spider eye which could be obtained from defeating the spider mob in the overworld on the bottom left square of the crafting table.

The brown mushroom should be placed on the left of the spider eye. The Sugar must be placed on the bottom right square of the crafting table.

Once the arrangement is right the players can click on the fermented spider eye and place it in their inventory.


Gunpowder is an ingredient that can not be crafted, it has to be looted either through a chest or by defeating and looting mobs. Gunpowder is used in recipes that require explosion.

The easiest way to obtain Gunpowder is by going out at night and defeating some creepers. Creepers have a chance to drop 0-2 gunpowder once they are defeated.

The players are required to use weapons that are enchanted by “Looting” Enchantment which would increase the odds of creepers dropping the gunpowder from 0-2 to 0-5 and make looting gunpowder a significantly easier and less tiresome process.

Blaze Powder
Blaze Powder

Among all the ingredients blaze powder is one the most difficult ingredient to obtain, as the player has to go to a Nether Fort to obtain it.

Blaze Powder can be obtained by defeating a blaze in the Nether Fort and obtaining a blaze rod. The Blaze Rod then can be used to obtain blaze powder which is used as fuel in the brewing stand.

Water Bottle
Water Bottle

Water bottles are required to contain the potions. Although it is simple to craft it is essential for brewing a potion. The only material required to craft a glass bottle is 3 glasses.

To create a Water Bottle the player must set up their crafting table, a set their glasses in an appropriate arrangement with 2 glasses on the second-row most left and rightest column

respectively, and one glass on the bottom row middle column. This would help the player to create 3 glass bottles.

How To Make A Potion Of Weakness    

  • Once the crafting items are gathered, the next step is to know How To Make A Splash Potion Of Weakness. To make a potion of Weakness the player would require a Glass Bottle filled with water.
  • This could be done by equipping a water bottle and right-clicking near a body of water. This would make the player fill the glass bottle with water.
  • Once the bottle of water is obtained the player should go to a brewing stand and right-click to open the brewing menu. The player must place the glass water bottle in the 3 places on the bottom.
  • The player must place the fermented spider eye at the top slot and place the blaze powder as the fuel on the left slot of the brewing potion.
  • After some time all three bottles of water would be converted into Potion Of Weakness.
  • If the player is ever confused about the recipe of the potion they can always look at the Minecraft potion chart to look at the potion recipes in Minecraft
  • Once, the Potion of Weakness is created the player must understand how to make a splash potion in Minecraft and To create a Splash Potion of Weakness from a Potion of Weakness.

A player would be required to place the potions of weakness on the bottom slot of the brewing stand and the gunpowder must be placed on the top slot of the brewing stand, with blaze powder being placed on the left slot as fuel.

After some time all the potions of weakness would be converted into splash potions of weakness.

This will give the players the ability to throw it instead of drinking it, which means the player can use the potion against the other players and NPCs instead of drinking it to affect their own stats.

How To Use Splash Potion Of Weakness

  • Get a Splash Potion of Weakness first. Either you may make it yourself or you can obtain it in different loot containers.
  • Choose your goal. Make sure you’re not too close to the potion because it will weaken any creatures in its splash radius!
  • To hit your target, hurl the potion in its general direction. Avoid hitting any surrounding friendly entities or yourself.
  • Wait for the potion’s effects to manifest. For a brief time, the potion will lessen the attack damage of all impacted monsters.
  • Take advantage of your target’s vulnerability. You can now fight or try to capture the weaker entity without risk.
  • Repeat after me! The potion’s powers will gradually fade, so be ready to If required, use it once more.

Keep in mind that, in the right hands, the Splash Potion of Weakness can be a very potent weapon. If you use it wisely, you’ll always be in control.


Q1. How do you make a 3-minute Splash Potion of weakness?

Ans. To create a 3-minuteṢ splash Potion of weakness, the player must have a Potion of Weakness (3:00) and Gunpowder. To create a Potion of Weakness of 3 Minutes the player must understand that they can increase the duration of the potion by brewing the potion with Redstone.

To create a Splash Potion of Weakness that has a duration of 3 minutes the players must create a potion of weakness and then brew it again with Redstone to create a potion of weakness of a longer duration,

Then the player must brew the potion again to convert the 3-minute Potion of Weakness into a Splash Potion of Weakness.

Q2. Where can I get Potion of weakness?

Ans. The player can brew the Potion of Weakness by using Brewing Stand, Fermented Spider Eye, Water Bottles, and Blazer Powder.


Bravo! You just learned about How To Make A Splash Potion Of Weakness with the knowledge of obtaining all the materials required to brew, the Potion of Weakness.

You also learned how to throw them onto your enemies, now imagine how would your life will be if you drank the Potion of Weakness instead of throwing it onto someone.

Now you could create your own village without worrying about the zombie villages because guess what you just learned how to create them. The article answers the questions like how to make a weakness potion in Minecraft and how to use it.

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