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Welcome to the thrilling world of “Limit Breaks” in Final Fantasy XIV, my fellow gamers! You’re in for an adrenaline-fueled treat if you’re anything like me and a devoted fan of deep gameplay and pulse-pounding action.

Battles in the beautiful world of Eorzea are not your typical conflict. Limit Breaks are most useful when the stakes are high and your party’s future is on the line. These mind-blowing skills are the ultimate game-changers, and you’ll want to use them with grace and dexterity, I assure you.

In FFXIV, using Limit Breaks needs both planning and cooperation. Your Limit Break gauge fills up with each audacious move and valiant deed you and your party members do as you brave the dangers of dungeons and trials.

Saving up for a tier three Limit Break, however, can change the tide and open the door to a triumphant victory when the stakes are high and the adversaries are strong.

Prepare yourself, work with your allies, and when the time is right, unleash the power of Limit Breaks. Witness the sheer might of these amazing skills and experience the excitement as the screen erupts with dramatic images. Prepare to unleash your inner hero and overcome the obstacles in the exhilarating Limit Breaks world of Final Fantasy XIV!

Types Of Limit Breaks In Ffxiv

Types Of Limit Breaks In Ffxiv

Limit Breaks are strong skills in Final Fantasy XIV that can change the course of battles and provide for an exciting gaming experience. Here is a succinct explanation of each type:

Melee: Melee DPS classes can unleash devastating close-combat strikes known as Melee Limit Breaks that can impact a single target or a group of enemies.

Ranged DPS classes use this kind, raining down deadly barrages of magical missiles or launching pinpoint, long-range attacks to hit targets from a distance.

Caster: This class is led by casters, who summon strong spells to wreak havoc on adversaries and wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Tanks wield the Tank Limit Break, which serves as a powerful defensive tool, increases the group’s fortitude, and lessens damage during crucial situations.

Healer: Healers have the life-saving Healer Limit Break, which can revive fallen allies and replenish the party’s health to full, shifting the balance of combat.

Limit Break 1 (LB1): The first level of Limit Break that the party has access to, causing significant damage to opponents or offering crucial help.

Limit Break 2 (LB2): A more powerful tier that requires more work to charge, deals even more damage, or offers better assistance.

Limit Break 3 (LB3): The top tier, which is frequently difficult to charge, has the power to demolish foes or offer unmatched support, shifting the tide of even the fiercest conflicts.

How To Use Limit Break Ffxiv ?

Before hopping on to learning how to limit break ffxiv, there are some technicalities and conditions attached to it that you might know before learning to use it. Have a look at them:

  1. You can’t use limit breaks until your limit bar is completely full in the course of your battle.
  1. Only if you are in a  party of four or more, you can have access to it. Furthermore, the whole party would have access to one limit gauge. Hence we can say that ffxiv is a limit break shared platform!
  1. Effective use of limit breaks depends a lot upon a particular player’s role in the party. For example, in dungeons, this power is in the caster’s control during the trash pulls. In fact, this feature is one of the best if you want to take down the boss in ffxiv have manor, a level 28-31 Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV.

Once you understand these specifications, you are good to use some limit breaks now!

 Let’s see some easy steps!

Ffxiv: How To Use Limit Break Pc

  • Open the ‘Characters Menu’.
  • Go to the “Actions & Traits” tab.
  • Choose ‘General’ under its subtabs
  • There you will see the ffxiv limit break icon, at the very top of the user interface. It would appear something like two swords crossing each other in a fire significant of this feature’s fierce power!

And you’re successful in activating the limit break for the rest of your battle.

However, if you prefer PS4, you must be wanting to know how to use limit break ffxiv ps4 specifically!

Well, in that case, all you need to do is to set your target and assign it to the hot bar. After that, choose the confirm button to proceed and you are done initiating the limit break using the PS4 controller.

Now at this level,  you know how to equip limit break ffxiv.

 But the question that might arise is which role should be given priority for the use of the limit break? Let’s read on to know more about it!

Ffxiv Limit Break Priority

Ffxiv Limit Break Priority

Limit Break has been given a unique ability per role in order to match the expectations and utility of the roles. Furthermore, the power gets increased as LB elevates from LB1 to LB2 to LB3.

Most of you would know, but for all the newbies out there, the game has different types of LB which are Caster, melee, ranged, healer, and tank which are based on specific roles and duties of many characters.

It’s very vital to understand who must actually be given a chance to use a limit break so most players reserve it for fellow party members who may need it more than others.

Although there is no standard rule that must be followed, the two priorities which are suggested all over are:

1. Healers

Healer LB is the ultimate savior when the situation goes out of hand as Here limit break helps 25% of the health and magic prowess of all party members in range in level 1 60% in level 2 and 100% in level 3.

Hence, this option must be available at the end of the healer of the party.

2. Melee Dps

MELEE DPS can provide the opponent with a lot of damage! Its single use can reduce the HP (health) of the opponent like a dungeon boss by 8 to 10 %. This character deals with giving a major attack to a single target with various potencies of 2400, 5200 and 9000 in levels 1, 2, 3 respectively.

However, others like tanks, ranged, caster is also capable of doing very good damage, but firstly Healers and  Melee DPS come in the clear to pop up the limit break.

Well, now you know which role’s limit break deserves the priority!

Also, reading all this, you might wonder what these damages limit breaks are dealing with! Well, let’s help you out with that.

Ffxiv Limit Break Damage Calculation

Ffxiv Limit Break Damage Calculation

It’s the unique damage mechanics of limit breaks that make them incomparable to any other ability. With its own unique formula, it is subject to the ±5% damage roll variance! 

Let’s start off by busting a myth! Limit Breaks isn’t based on how much physical or magical damage you cause, instead, limit breaks damage is wholly based and determined mainly by these 2 factors

  • Party’s weapon damage
  • Potency values.

Party’s Weapon Damage

The weapon damage value used for the limit break’s damage calculation is a weapon profile based on the average item level of weapons used by party members.

Potency Values

Potency is what describes the effectiveness and power of ability in FFXIV’s limit break. In simple words, the more potency an attack has, the more damage it will deal. For instance, the dragoon limit break has a potential of 9000.

This level 3 limit break for Dragoon hits a single target with x3.5 the damage of Braver.

So basically, no extra gears, buff or debuff done by a player performing LB will change its damage except the weapon damage based on potency values.

However, the damage is affected by certain encounters like unexpected enemy-affecting buffs and debuffs!

Now, it’s safe to say that you have complete information regarding the limit breaks!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Should I Use Limit Break In Ff14?

One should use a limit break when your target is defeating a high-level boss or clear a high-level dungeon.

2. How Do You Use Limit Breaks In Ff7?

  • Fill up the limit break gauge as fast as possible.
  • After being full, go to the commands menu.
  • Choose a limit break to launch it!

3. How Do You Unlock Limit Breaks?

To unlock new Limit Break moves in the FFVII remake, you’ll have to do a specific side quest for each of the characters to unlock the second limit break. Afterwards, equip it by going to battle settings of the main menu and choose whichever limit break you feel will help you.


To summarise, limit Breaks in Final Fantasy IV are the precious extra moves that the characters can execute in times when they have very few chances of surviving massive amounts of damage or stagger or to save the party they belong to!

This is available to parties of 4 or more. To use it, follow the steps of the Characters menu> Actions & Traits UI> General> limit break once your limit gauge bar is full!

Now, enjoy your hassle-free gaming with the power of limit break at your hands! Hope this article helps fulfil your purpose.

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