Who Are Naruto’s Parents

naruto's parents
naruto's parents

Though people worry about the content Animes showcase, many a time thinking that they are no brainers, its surely not the case. A lot of Anime represent serious issues, concerns and the true picture of the society. One such is the Naruto franchise. The story of this Anime revolves around a pretty touchy topic- naruto’s parents and the love for their children. 

Since Minato and Kushina, Naruto’s loving parents passed away suddenly, they did not get enough time to do much for their beloved child. Even though they were powerful, their power came to no use to Naruto. 

If you have seen the Naruto franchise, then you know that the blond-haired youngblood is indeed the star of Nurato. However, it was only through the efforts of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki that the series has reached this pedestal.

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Though Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki have only given birth to their son in the narrative sense, both the parent’s character has been conceptualized perfectly making them fascinating and awe-struck. 

It is important to note that despite being absent from the series, they have played a crucial role in the character formation of Nurato. This is important since Nurato becomes the future Seventh Hokage, an extremely magnetic personality empowered with elements inherited from both his parents. He is subtle and of course obvious. 

Young Minato was a respected ninja and Kushina played the role of Jinchūriki from the Nine-Tails. However, Minato’s attractive appearance made life, as we know it harsh on the young girl. When she and Minato met, their love brought balance and harmony to their lives. But alas, it was not hunky-dory for the couple. In fact, Minato and Kushin’s love story is a tragic one. 

Minato was placed as Hokage, and Kushina was pregnant with their first child. This is when things started getting difficult for this budding and loving family. It all climaxed to the night of Naruto’s birth when an invader attacked the village and released the Nine Tail Fox from Kushina who was giving birth to her child. Finally, both the parents sacrificed their lives to save their newborn and the entire village by sealing the Nine-Tails in the child and then kick-starting the story as we know it. 

Who are Minato’s parents?

There seems to be a lot of controversy and mystery about this particular question. While a lot of fans and theories suggest different answers the most plausible one is that Tsunade and Dan are Minato’s mother/father. This theory holds the maximum ground since there are any hints in the manga and data-books which support this theory. Let’s look at the list:

  • Tsunade and Minato share the exact same blood type, (B)
  • Dan and Minato graduated from the Academy at the same time when both were 10 years of age, however not quite in the same year
  • Tsunade and Minato have the same hair color
  • Naruto and Nawaki(Tsunade’s brother) look almost the same, it has been kept that way to show a possible family resemblance
  • Minato and Dan almost have the same height and weight

While these are some very basic comparisons, the trick does not end here. There are greater examples to support the case.

Madara insinuates that the Hokage line has been maintained in the Senju clan for a very long time. When he is talking about it, the picture of the Hokage mountain is shown, and there is a fourth Hokage’s head placed on it.

naruto's parents
naruto’s parents

This goes on to show, that the Hokage position was held strong by the Senju tribe even during the fourth Hokage time. In other words, the fourth Hokage was a Senju. Where else can he get the Senju blood if not from Tsunade?

Yamato makes a comment about naruto’s Chakra being special since he is able to hold off the power of the Nine-tails while dying. This can only be made possible if naruto is related to the Senju clan in some way and thus his Chakra has the qualities of Shodai that helps him to protect himself from the Kyuubi chakra. 

One can notice a great amount of resemblance between hodai-Naruto and Sasuke-Madara. They stood on their statues right at the valley in the end. Many people thought that this means that Shodai is like Naruto and Sasuke represents Madara. However, Sasuke is actually an Uchiha, so it somehow goes on to imply that Naruto is a Senju. 

Young Minato:

Minato took admission to the academy as he wanted to earn the respect of the villagers by becoming the Hokage. However, he got a little distracted when Kushina Uzumaki was moved into the academy and was placed in Minato’s class. Minato was immediately drawn towards her beautiful red hair. Minato was a natural prodigy, the kind who appears only once in aeons. 

Though Minato is a powerful character in itself, many people are seen asking who is Minato’s father? In all probability, it is Dan Kato. But whether he is his father or not does not shake the admiration the fans have for Minato. 

Within a few days, Minato was added to the genin team under the able coaching of Jiraiya. Jiraiya had a special place reserved for Minato and took him on as his apprentice. He taught Minato his personal signature style and skills. Eventually, Minato learned all that and soon made Jiraiya belief that he was indeed the Child of the Prophecy, that someone who would save the world. 

While all this makes one think Minato is a grown-up man, its however not the case. Do you know how old is Minato at this time? Something around 21- 22 years old. Not a ripe age to fight the infamous Nine Tails right? However, Minato trained to that end and gradually became the Ninja.

In the meanwhile, Minato rescued Kushina and fell in love with her. From then on Minato and Kushina were a couple and they eventually tied the knot. From then on Minato started observing a Tailed Beast Ball and finally began his three-year process to create Rasengan, which was the height of his transformation. His task was to spend his like trying to incorporate it in his own nature. Read More: Atom RPG Cheats-Things To Know For Good Gaming Experience

Minato death:

Minato death
Minato death

The Konoha-nin pinned at the border of the village is attacked by ninjas who disguised themselves as the members of the Iwagakure. However, their assault ends quickly when Anbu arrives in the scene and chases them away. Following this, Kakashi runs after them and is successful in killing them with the use of his Chidori.

The news of this attack reaches a perturbed Minato who informs Kakashi that his beloved wife Kushina is pregnant. Further, he requests Kakashi to guard and protect Kushina lest some complications might arise as she is the jinchūriki. 

Kakashi takes up his new duties and informs Rin about the new developments. However, he does not know that he was being heard by the masked man. In the following events, the Nine-Tails created mass destruction and havoc in the village before it was successfully sealed in the newborn Naruto.

To stop the rampage of the village of Konoha, Minato chose the course of action which seemed to be the best for him. The task was to seal the Nine Tail is yet another host. Kushina offered herself, even though she had given birth to her son just sometime back.

However, Minato did not pay any heed to that. Thus he sealed half of the immense power of the Nine Tail within himself and bestowed the other half in his son. 

naruto's parents
naruto’s parents

The fox, however, understood the plan and tried to stab Nurato with its big claws Obviously, Minato and Kushina did not want their baby to die so they jumped in front of the claws which penetrated their bodies. Though it was a gruesome way to die, the couple was successful in sealing the Nine-Tails in their son and left all the fans in tears. 

 Just before dying Kushina informs Hiruzen of the child’s name and pleads him to protect the baby. 

Young Kushina

Naruto’s mom was born into the famous Uzumaki clan of Uzushiogakure. Kushina grew up caught between war which made her pursuit daily peace. At a very young age, she was sent off to Konoha and was enrolled in the academy. 

She wanted to make a very strong impression on the class and thus she proclaimed herself as the first female Hokage. Naturally, the other kids laughed at this comment and started calling her “Tomato” instead because of her round face and fiery red hair.

But she could not take it anymore and thus she finally lashed out on the kids who teased her daily. This only made things go worse for her. Her round face fired up with anger, and her red hair flying in the wind earned her the name of Red Hot-Blooded Habanero. 

naruto's parents
naruto’s parents

Eventually, Kushina came to know why she had to leave home and come to Konoha. It was only for the special chakra. She was going to be the next jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. This thought shook her to her core but soon the Nine-Tails’ then-current jinchūriki, Mito Uzumaki, came to her rescue. Before the transfer of the powers could take place, Mito advised Kushina to find love as that was the only way to tame the Nine-Tails and overcome its hate. 

Naruto mom and dad love story:

When Kushina was 12 years old, she was kidnapped by Kumogakure who wanted to make use of her special powers to tame and control the NineTails. When Kumogakure was taking Kushina to the faraway land of Kumo, the latter had secretly plucked her red hair and left it on the way as a mark of her trail in the hope that someone will come to save her. It was Minato Namikaze who found her trail. 

Minato Namikaze was a former classmate of Kushina. Though she found him to be a wimp, Minato saved Kushina gallantly and told her that he had always been smitten by her red hair. Kushina was taken aback as Minato claimed to love that one thing that she hated about herself. Finally, the couple reciprocated their feeling for each other and Minatpo’s love helped Kushina to overcome the Nine-Tails. 

When does naruto meet his mom?

If you are looking for in what episode does naruto meet his mom, then take a look at episode 249 named Thank You. This is where Naruto meets his mom. In this episode, Naruto meets his mother Kushina in his subconscious.

However, at first, he mistakes her for the Nine-Tails true form. This gets Kushina very angry, and she clobbers her son’s head. However, later she apologizes to her son for her short temper. Alongside this, she also expresses her delight in learning that Naruto has not inherited the short temper and the verbal tic from her. 

When does naruto meet his mom
When does naruto meet his mom

During this conversation, Naruto understands who she truly is and hugs her. They cry for some time and are overlapped in happiness. This goes on to neutralize the hated of the Nine-Tails. Additionally, the Nine-Tails is shocked when it identifies Kushina’s chakra which she retained with the help of her Adamantine Sealing Chains. Here Nuurato wanted to know how his parents met and his mother indulges into his requests. 

The episode where Naruto meets Kushina is indeed a touching one and we loved the way it has been portrayed. 

Does Kakashi know naruto is Minato’s son?

As it so seems like, Jman and Kakashi knew from the very beginning that Nurato is Minato’s son. If you follow the series, you know that Kakashi is not stupid, and the character of Jmam stays completely unjustified if he did not figure out this truth.

Both of these characters knew that Kushina was pregnant and the Nine-Tails was trapped within her. However, there is a little clincher here. While Kakashi may not have been sure about the Nine-Tails, Jman was sure about it.

Once the great tragedy occurs, the Nine-Tails, Minato, and Kushina disappear, and there is only an infant jinn left behind. Doesn’t all this add up to say the Nurato is Minato’s son? Additionally, the Manga also says that no soul was aware of Nurato’s original identity expect of the jonin and higher-ups. This was the only way to ensure that he was safe and well protected. 

How old was Kakashi when Minato died?

Kakashi Hatake is a shinobi of Konohagakure’s Hatake clan. Popularly, he is known as the Kakashi of the Sharingan. As his character is portrayed, Kakashi is a very talented ninja and is regularly approached for advice and leadership. However, he personally dislikes any form of responsibility in his life. However, he is good at teaching and is seen teaching his students the importance of teamwork, a lesson he had learned himself from Obito Uchiha, a childhood friend.

naruto's parents
naruto’s parents

Kakashi’s mother had passed away when he was very young, and thus Kakashi was raised by his father Sakumo. Sakumo was pretty popular throughout the shinobi world, as he had saved Konoha at least once. Naturally, Kakashi had enormous respect for his father. However, during the Sakumo’s missions, when Kakashi was in the Ninja academy, Sakumo chose to save his teammates, and abort the mission.

This decision of his caused the mission to fail, leading to some damaging consequences in the Land of Fire. This turned many people in Konkan, including his teammates against him. Disgraced by so many people, that too his loved once, Sakumo committed suicide. This forced Kakashi to follow the Shinobi Rules and take priority. 

While in the academyKakqshi was raising his standards with top grades which eventually earned him recognition as the best prodigy of the generation. Eventually, he became quite popular among his peers.

Kakashi’s talents were realized pretty soon, at the age of 5 and he graduated from the academy at the top of his class every single year. Once he became a genin, he and his friends Rin Nohara and Obito were teamed and placed under the able leadership of Minato Namikaze.

While all was proceeding at a fine pace, Konoha became drenched in a gorry bloodbath for the Third Shinobi World War. As the war proceeded, team Minato was assigned the task to destroy the Kannabi Bridge in Kusagakure so that supplies from Iwagakure could be cut off. Naturally, Minato was required at the front line at that time, which left the 12-year-old Kakashi in charge of the attack. 

naruto's parents
naruto’s parents

While everything was moving as planned, Kakashi, Rin, and Obito continued further after facing a few significant obstacles. However, in Kusa, Rin gets kidnapped by Kakkō and Taiseki who wanted to know the details of the mission.

While Obito wanted to save Rin, Kakashi was keen on completing the mission than run after Rin at this time. Clearly, he did not want to make the same mistakes his father did which earned him nothing but defame. However, Obito went on to save Rin. Even though Kakashi left to continue the mission on his own, he returned to join Obito. 

However, a lot of questions have been raised about the age gap of the characters. For instance, what was Kakashi’s age when Minato dies? There is a theory which says that the general age gap between the two generations is 15 years. For instance, in Shippuden Nurato is 14 and thus Kakashi is around 29-30 years of age. Now let’s assume that Minato is 45, Jiraiya is 60, Sarutobi around 72 and so on. 

When Kakashi was training under Minato, the 4th Hokage, he was 12 years of age. We know that Nurato was born by then. So that means that when Minato died Kakashi was a boy of 14. 

Now keeping with this theory, Kakashi should be around 27 when Nurato started off his journey. As we know, Shippuden started after almost 4 years of his beginning. Thus he should be 31 years then and 32 when the series ended.

While Kakashi graduated at the age of 5, his teammates graduated when they were 8 or 9. This only leaves two options, either Kkashi is 3- years younger than his batchmates, or he was placed in the team after he turned 89 years old. While the first theory still holds some ground, the second one seems absurd and is obviously untrue. 

Kakashi had become the Chunin much sooner than his other batchmates at the age of 6. This is important since it has a direct effect on the age graphs and timelines that the others are following. 

All in all the series is full of twists and turns, soaked in emotions and power-packed with some epic actions. If you are in for the fantasy genre, then this is the series for you! This anime is sure to keep you awake at nights and glued to your device. So do not back away from this. Watch Nurato today and re-discover a world of Ninjas, dragons, fantasy creatures and much more! 


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